I’ll try to make this a quick post because I want to do a story excerpt later tonight. 

1.  I finally have a website dedicated solely to Return of the Aliens. 


Yeah, I know.  The book’s been out since last spring, so it’s about time.  I still have the information on my website because I believe I have some links connected up to that page and can’t remember where all those links are.  So to save myself the trouble of trying to figure out what link goes to what, I’m leaving everything as it is.  I did notice my Amazon link isn’t working on my website.  When I tried to change it, my IE 8 browser wouldn’t let me do it (yahoo business which is where I get my website from and IE 8 on up has some issues).  So I will try to update the link on my other computer which I believe still has IE 7.  Hurray for “improving” our Internet experience.  Just like with Facebook, every time they “improve” something, it does little to make an improvement. 

I should note that the Return of the Aliens site is going to pretty much stay as it is.  I don’t plan to do blog posts on it.  My big push is writing historical westerns to publish in 2012, so I’m letting all sci-fi stuff fall to the side.  I will, however, be doing research for my next sci-fi thriller from time to time.  I want this one to focus on the pre-flood world.  At least, that’s where I anticipate it being.  We’ll see.

2.   Isaac’s Decision is turning into a longer book than I anticipated.

Right now I am at chapter 13, and Isaac and Emily aren’t even married yet.  In fact, they just had a huge blow up, and I don’t know how I’m going to get Emily to dress up as Elmer so I can get Isaac to expose her true identity.  He’s figured out it’s her, but she’s so pissed off with him that I don’t know if she’ll meet him again.  In every book, I have the character who doesn’t do things as planned, and Emily is the one in this book.

My goal for this book was 70,000, but it’s looking like it’ll be between 70,000 to 80,000 (closer to 80,000 is my gut feeling).  I don’t expect this to change anything, to be honest.  I anticipate publishing it in January.   I am considering changing the word count goal.  Maybe I’ll set it for 75,000 as a good middle point.

3.  I’m thinking of bumping To Have and To Hold up to the top position on my writing list (which is on the right of this blog) once I finish Shotgun Groom. 

This means To Have and To Hold might be published before Her Heart’s Desire because I might start To Have and To Hold out at a 1000 words a day goal count instead of 500 like I planned.  (This would put it right under Isaac’s Decision on the list.)  

Granted, it’s really too soon to tell yet, but after being silent for the past two years on a second book, Dave and Mary are suddenly screaming at me to get to their story.  I know.  Rude, huh?  I’ve been waiting patiently all this time, and they can’t return the favor and be patient with me.  What did I say about characters who give me trouble?  And to think neither Dave nor Mary gave me any trouble while I wrote Eye of the Beholder.  The one who bothered me in that one was Neil because he didn’t want to be the bad guy anymore.

Fortunately for me, Sally is so happy to have her own book, she’s willing to stay at 500 words a day when Shotgun Groom is done.  I have a feeling Rick is going to do something to surprise me in Her Heart’s Desire.  I can’t explain it, but I always start a book out a certain way with a certain idea of how things will play out and every single time something throws a wrench into my plans.  How I end up with a happy ever after is a mystery, but somehow things do always work out.  Like I wrote in a previous post, I have to trust the gut instinct to lead me in the right direction.  It’s kind of like driving blind.  Scary but exciting at the same time.  😀

4.  Shotgun Groom’s first draft should be done by October 10. 

I’ve notified my editor and proofer to clear their calendars so I can have it published around November 1-15.


I plan to put up a story excerpt from Her Heart’s Desire or Isaac’s Decision later tonight.

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  1. Excellent! I will have to check out the site!

    Don;t you love when books end up longer than they’re supposed to? i find it’s usually because characters won;t shut up! 😉 (which is not a bad thing, LOL!)

    • The thing is the characters don’t understand we have something called deadlines. LOL I have these goals on when the books should be done, and they’re like, “We’ll get there when we’re good and ready.” Grrr. .. 😛

  2. mitchelle says:

    i knew Dave and Mary will have their moment.. 🙂

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