Updates on Writing

1. For Amazon’s Kindle store, I did a little rearranging with A Bride for Tom and A Husband for Margaret.

Probably everyone reading this post has already read the books, but just in case you haven’t, I had combined these two novellas into one book and put it on Kindle.  Back then Amazon wouldn’t let me put anything for free up.  Actually, I still can’t.  But there’s a loophole that authors are using to get some of their books up for free on the Amazon Kindle store, and I made a change today in hopes of triggering the system so Amazon will price them at free.

I took down the 2 Novellas in 1 Book: A Bride for Tom and A Husband for Margaret book that I had up on the Kindle store.  I then uploaded A Bride for Tom as one novella and then A Husband for Margaret as another novella.   So what this means is that instead of being combined into one book, they are now separated out, like they are at Smashwords, B&N, Apple, Sony, Diesel, and Kobo.  Amazon has been matching prices with books.  I am hoping that in a month or two, Amazon will pick up on those two books being free everywhere else and make them free on the Kindle. 

So even if I can’t manually go in and price them at free, this is a roundabout way that I’m trying to do it.  We’ll see if it works, and I do expect Amazon to contact me because the books have the same title in them.  So I figure either they will refuse to let me do it or they will ask me to explain why I’m doing this or something.  After the copyright infringement stuff this past summer, I can’t change the price on one of my books without them contacting me about verifying I am the copyright holder.  This is fine with me because this means they are watching out for authors now.  So if this doesn’t work and I’m unable to put A Bride for Tom or A Husband for Margaret up on the Kindle store, I’ll put the 2 Novellas in 1 Book: A Bride for Tom and A Husband for Margaret back up.

I expect to know the results in a couple of days and will let you know what happens.

2.  Isaac’s Decision is turning into a longer book than I anticipated.

I had to adjust my total word count goal to 80,000 words instead of 70,000, so if you look to the right and see the percentage is down from yesterday, that’s why.  I’m at the point in the book where Isaac has had a big blow up with his dad about Emily, and though he hasn’t made his move to elope with her, he’s about to.  I expected them to elope around chapter 10.  Now I’m starting chapter 14, and they still haven’t eloped. 

I consider the first half of the book as leading up to the elopement and the second half as the ramifications of it.  So I’m hoping I’m right around the halfway point because if I’m not and this thing goes even longer, I’m looking at pushing this book back to March for publication.  Her Heart’s Desire will have to be the one that goes up in January since I know I can keep that one around 70,000 words.  The reason I’m thinking of moving the publishing months around is because I don’t want to rush Isaac’s Decision just to make a deadline.  I can’t sit down and do marathon sessions on one book.  I’ve always had to work on multiple books at a time in order to stay focused and avoid rushing things.  It also gives me the feeling of taking a break, which probably sounds weird, but it’s how my mind works.

3.  Where I’m at on the Other Current Works in Progress

I am 52,000 words into Shotgun Groom, and I know how things are going to play out for the next 18,000 or so words.  That means it’s easier for me to figure out how long it’ll be to finish the first draft.  I can still publish this in November.  I’m hoping for November 15 at the latest, but if it’s closer to the end of it, that’s not the end of the world.

What I want to do is move Her Heart’s Desire up to 1000 words a day to give it the added push in case it becomes my January book.  I’m going to put Bound by Honor, Bound by Love on hold, at least until I finish Shotgun Groom.  I have 100 words a day as the word goal, but I’ve been writing more like 300 words a day in it, and that’s 300 words I can put toward Sally’s book.

4.  To Have and To Hold might be longer than 70,000 words as well.

I’ll estimate it to be 80,000 when I start writing it, which won’t be until I get enough momentum on Her Heart’s Desire, which is around 30,000 words.  To Have and To Hold is estimated for May right now.  If this thing runs longer than I anticipate, I might have to push it back to July and insert another book in the May slot.  The shorter the book, the easier it is to get out faster without sacrificing quality.  As a worst case scenario, I just delay publishing and don’t make my publish-a-book-every-two-months goal.  I do still plan to have six books out next year, though.  It might end up being that one or two gets lumped into one month intervals. 

Anyway, To Have and To Hold will start out in Nebraska, go to Maine, and end in Nebraska, so I’m thinking there’ll be a division of 1/3 for each of the Nebraska, Maine, and Nebraska settings. 

5.  Made small changes to A Bride for Tom.

I caught in A Bride for Tom a place where Jenny told Jessica that her parents got a house made of wood a year ago.  I went back today and changed it so that her parents always had a house made of lumber since they came to Nebraska.  When you read Her Heart’s Desire, the family is in a house made of lumber, not sod.  This contradicts that part of A Bride for Tom so I changed it.  I mention this so that when someone notices the discrepancy, they can either download the new free version of A Bride for Tom at Smashwords or just know I have corrected the problem.  I also went back and gave the Larsons six children instead of five.  I don’t know why, but I keep forgetting to count Richard whenever I count the kids.  Richard is just one of those characters who are there but really not.  I’ve been trying to get him to show up more so I remember he exists.  😛

Oh, and I don’t know why but Richard isn’t moving back East in Shotgun Groom like I planned.  Maybe I’ll end up doing something with his three kids–the two twin boys and girl–when they’re adults.  There’s a reason they’re sticking around.  I just got to trust my gut instinct on it.


That’s it for now.  Hope everyone’s having a great day! 😀

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