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Note: I will add to this list as more and more ideas for books to put into the Nebraska Books comes to mind.  Currently, I have nine books lined up with covers. Some are works in progress and some on the “To Write” list.  But I plan to write more books.  Currently, I’m expecting the series to expand to a good thirty or so books total.  I don’t know what all the books are going to be yet, so I can’t make a full list.  Just know this list is a work in progress.  🙂

Here’s the order of the books and a brief description and some tentative plans for future books….

Richard and Amanda’s Romance (to be titled and to be written)


Her Heart’s Desire (current status: writing)

starts April 1866

Rating: R

 This is Sally Larson’s romance.  Her good friend Ethel Mae is receiving the attention of Rick Johnson, and Ethel Mae doesn’t return his feelings.  Upon meeting him, Sally falls in love.  She and Ethel Mae decide to put their heads together to figure out a way to convince him he’d be better off with Sally.

 A Bride for Tom (published)

starts September 1868

Rating: G

This is Tom Larson’s romance.  Tom is having trouble finding a wife, and Jessica Reynolds decides to help him overcome his awkward and clumsy manners so he can attract women.

A Husband for Margaret (published)

 starts April 1869

Rating: R

This is Margaret and Joseph Connealy’s romance.  The Connealy family will show up later in the series.  When Margaret Williams posted an ad for a husband, she expected Paul Connealy to arrive, but instead, his older brother, Joseph, came…and he brought four children with him. 

Eye of the Beholder (published)

starts April 1874

Rating: R

This is Dave Larson’s romance.  Mary Peters, a homely woman who fears she will never marry, becomes a mail-order bride. The man she comes for (Neil Craftsman) rejects her but another (Dave Larson) offers her marriage. She accepts, not believing love will result from the union. Love, after all, is for beautiful women. Isn’t it?

The Husband List (current status: to be written)

starts October 1875 (tentative)

Rating: Unsure but probably R


This is Vivian Jordan’s romance.  Vivian is Ethel Mae’s younger sister, and shows up in Her Heart’s Desire.  I adore Vivian because she’s got a lot of spunk.  In this book, she sets to the task of making up a list of character traits she does and does not want in her future husband.  As she narrows down the list of potential husbands, she comes to learn that you can’t pin love to a piece of paper.  (I hope for this to be a comedy, but we’ll see.)

The Wrong Husband (published)

starts July 1876

Rating: R

This is Jenny Larson’s romance.  After winning back the money his uncle gambled, Owen Russell gives it to his aunt. But Big Roy isn’t happy, and he sends men to kill Owen. Owen flees to Nebraska where he finds a Wanted poster seeking his arrest. Scared, he plays along with the sheriff who thinks he’s Irving, the new deputy. Irving was to marry Jenny Larson and since she’s pretty, Owen plays along. But then Irving shows up…

Shotgun Groom (published)

starts December 1878

Rating: R

This is Joel Larson’s romance.  (I got to dig up the book summary on this.  My other computer crashed, so I lost the contest entries and will have to sort through my old emails.)

To Have and To Hold (published)

starts: July 1880

Rating: R

This is Dave and Mary’s second story.  After an accident, Mary Larson ends up getting amnesia and finds herself married with two young children.  In hopes of helping her regain her memory, Dave goes with her back to Maine where she grew up, and both of them will discover some unpleasant things that will either tear them apart or pull them closer together. 

His Redeeming Bride (published)

starts: June 1882

Rating: R

This is Neil Craftsman’s romance.  Ready to give birth, Sarah Donner ends up newly widowed. She has to rely on the aid of the one man others had warned her about: Neil Craftsman. She knows of his tarnished past, and no respectable woman will go near him. But as she gets to know Neil, she learns that there is more to him than meets the eye. But when his past comes back to haunt him, will her newfound love be enough to redeem him?

Forever Yours (status: being written)

starts: being determined

This is Dave and Mary Larson’s third (and final) book.  Dave falls off a horse and is injured to the point where he can’t work.  I don’t have a full synopsis up yet except to say that this is going to be rough on him since he’s going to feel useless and it won’t help matters when the farm hand who comes to help seems to be getting along too well with Mary.  Don’t worry.  I don’t write adultery.  Mary won’t be tempted to be with the farm hand.  It’s going to be in Dave’s head.  And hey, isn’t it time Dave felt insecure for a change?  😀

Isaac’s Decision (published)

starts: January 1893

Rating: R

This is Isaac Larson and Emily Craftsman’s romance.  (same thing as above: I lost the entries from the contest on my hard drive and have to dig up the emails)

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