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I wanted to do an interview between Eva Connealy and Emily Craftsman, but all day I’ve had this nagging sensation that I need to write an update post instead.  Maybe it’s so that I can organize my thoughts.  I think better when I write stuff down than if I just think it, and for some reason, writing it on my blog makes it “stick” better, if that makes sense.

So here we go:

1.  Publish Shotgun Groom around November 15. 

Currently, I am one day behind in making the second draft.  Not bad considering how much real life stuff I had going on this past week.  I won’t go into detail except to say I spent almost all day on the phone and sending emails.  So I got very little written, which is why you’ll notice the word counts didn’t go up except for Isaac’s Decision (my priority since it’s due out in January). 

2.  Isaac’s Decision is coming along great, but the characters aren’t doing much to cooperate with me.  (But hey, in every book one or two characters always throw me off by doing their own thing.) 

I don’t know if other authors have this happen to them with every book, but I do (and this is why I don’t outline).  I have been thrown for a couple loops with this book already. 

a.  One being that Isaac just landed a job when he wasn’t supposed to until a couple weeks after he got married.  Turns out Ben Connealy (the cute little 2-year-old in A Husband for Margaret, remember him?) has offered him a job way in the beginning.  Little did I know this would come in handy in Chapter 17 when Isaac accepts it.  You see, the second part of the book was supposed to be how Isaac rushed into marriage before he thought things through.  Well, as it turns out, Isaac’s smarter than I gave him credit for, so the initial subplot I had in mind is not going to happen after all.

b.  Another thing the characters have decided to do that I didn’t plan on was for Emily to tell her father, Neil Craftsman, that she’s in love with Isaac BEFORE the elopement.  This happened last night, and I was like, “What on earth is going on here?”  LOL  I started to rewrite the scene so she didn’t tell him, but then I remembered how in the past whenever I went against the characters, I ended up running into a “road block” (aka writer’s block, which some writers say doesn’t exist–but I say it does) and the story stalls out.  Then I can’t go further into it.  So I backed up and decided to let the characters lead me.  I’m not sure how they are going to make this one work because Neil’s not as opposed to the match as I thought he’d be, though he knows this will create problems between Isaac and Dave and is concerned that this will ultimately lead to problems between Isaac and Emily as the whole thing unfolds.  I thought Neil would flip, but he surprised me.  Dave, however, will flip.  I just know he will because he’s already opposed to where I’m going in the book. 

So those are two examples where the unexpected has happened to me, and now I got to adjust the rest of the book to fit where it’s all going.  That’s really nothing new to me.  All books are like that as I write them, and there is always this moment of “oh crap, I don’t think this will work” but the characters manage to pull it off.  This is why I just got to trust my gut instinct and write.  Too much evaluating kills the story.

3.  I haven’t touched Her Heart’s Desire in a week or so. 

It might be getting closer to two weeks at this point.  I don’t like losing momentum on a story, but I halted things to finish Shotgun Groom and now to keep Isaac’s Decision going.  Once I get Shotgun Groom off to the content editor, I should be able to get back to it.  Since this book is due out in March, I have leeway on it, but I’ve found if I can keep going, it helps my writing muscles stay limber for the story I’m working on.  So hopefully, we can get back to Sally and Rick soon.

4.  To Have and To Hold: I finally got the beginning.

I actually had chapter 2 in mind when I thought up the plot, and I’ve been debating on how to do chapter 1.  While I took a nap this afternoon (kids actually let me take one today), I came up with the first chapter.  Want to hear something even weirder?  I came up with the plot for Bride of Second Chances one night when I was asleep.  It was based off a dream I had while I was writing Bid for a Bride.  I woke up and thought, “What a great idea” and then fell back asleep and the dream continued.  (That doesn’t often happen, but once in awhile I go resolve a problem in a book or come up with a story idea while I’m asleep.)

That just goes to show that a writer’s mind is always at work.  😉

5.  I’m going to see what I can do about moving the publishing date up for Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

My priority is to have Isaac’s Decision out in January, Her Heart’s Desire out in March, and To Have and To Hold out in May.  But I think I can slip Bound by Honor, Bound by Love into a possible July release.  Then I can finish up the Native American Romance Series.  A word of warning about this book, though: I suspect it wants to be a conversion to Christianity type of book.  The main characters aren’t Christian when it starts, but just like Woape and Chogan converted, Onawa and Citlali will convert, too.  Not only is it how the story is going, but it’s also historically accurate considering the missionaries who would go to the Indian tribes.  (Back then Native Americans were called Indians.  I mention this distinction because a couple readers from India didn’t understand why I was calling Native Americans “Indians” in my books.  I understand their confusion, but I also can’t be saying “Native American” in a historical novel either.  So it’s a catch-22.)

Anyway, I think a part of my reluctance to write Bound by Honor, Bound by Love is because part of it might get a little more obvious about my Christian viewpoint than in other books, and people wanting me to keep my main characters as accepting the Mandan’s religious system in the entire book will be disappointed.  I don’t plan to get preachy, but the Christian slant is going to be there.  If that’s not your thing, you’re better off avoiding the book.   😀

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