Bound by Honor, Bound by Love (Planning for a July 2012 Publishing Date)

I noticed in my blog that people are searching for Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, so I thought I’d take a moment to do a post on this which I can link up to my FAQ page. 

Since the amount of interest in the Native American Romance Series has gone up significantly, I am pushing up the date for when I expect to publish it to July 2012.  I am hoping to for early in the month.  

I’ve also scheduled Isaac’s Decision for January 2012 (and am more than halfway done with that book).  I’ve also set aside Her Heart’s Desire for March 2012 and To Have and To Hold for May 2012.  My goal next year is to have a new book out every two months. 

And Bound by Honor, Bound by Love will go well for July 2012.  I have started this book, and to the right side of this blog, I am keeping track of my progress so you can see where I’m at.  Currently, I’ve been making a 100 words a day goal for this book just because I’m working on four books at once and have Shotgun Groom in editing status for a November 2011 publishing date.  But once I get Shotgun Groom out, I should be finished with the first draft of Isaac’s Decision.  Then Isaac’s Decision will move into editing status.  (And let me tell you, having a content and copy editor helps so much in cutting down the amount of work and time I have to spend on my books, so I LOVE them.) 

So I expect to bump Bound by Honor, Bound by Love to 500 words a day around the second part of November.  Her Heart’s Desire will go to 1000 words a day and To Have and To Hold will stay at 500 words a day until after the hectic holidays have passed.  So I expect January 4 or so to be the time when I can bump up To Have and To Hold to 1000 words a day.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll start another book or just focus on the couple I’ll be working on.  I know I can’t maintain the heavy momentum I’ve got going right now without taking a break to rest and then come back to it. 

But I do now have Bound by Honor, Bound by Love on my priority list am determined to get it out around July.

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