Where I’m Going in the Nebraska Series

Someone asked me some good questions concerning the Nebraska series, so I thought I’d go ahead and answer them in today’s post in case anyone else had similar questions.  😀

1.  How many books do I plan to write in the series?

I don’t know, but I expect it to be at least 30 books.  I think it’ll be more. 

All of my other series came to an end or will come to an end at some point.  Like the Native American Romance series.  Once I finish Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, the series is done.   The same is true for the Across the Stars series which I see as being a three book series (Suddenly a Bride, Runaway Bride, and The Write Husband).  And the last one that hasn’t been completed yet is the Omaha Brides series which should be finished when Just Good Friends comes out (not sure when that will be, though). 

There is something about the characters in the Nebraska series that keeps me wanting to write about them.  Which leads to number 2…

2.  Who will I write stories about in the Nebraska series?

I have a lot of characters to work with, so the hard part is who gets their story done first.  (Not a bad problem to have.)  Basically, I plan to write about all of the kids that the Larsons had and I’ll write stories about other characters that pop up as I find interesting ones to write about.  (The one character who has not interested me is Richard, the oldest Larson sibling from the first generation of Larsons: Richard, Sally, Tom, Dave, Jenny and Joel.  I don’t know why Richard never interested me, but I doubt he ever will.  I suspect it’s because he married Amanda while in New York, and I have no desire to write a book based in New York.  His children who live in Nebraska might interest me, though.)

3.  Who are the children born to the Larson siblings?

I’m going in order of the oldest to the youngest.

  • Richard and Amanda Larson have three children:  Mark and Anthony (twins) and Annabelle.
  •  Rick and Sally (Larson) Johnson have two children: Greg and Laura.
  • Tom and Jessica Larson have four children: Nelly, Patricia (aka Patty), Erin and Daisy.
  • Dave and Mary Larson have seven children (I was going to do eight but settled on seven): Isaac, Rachel, Adam, Jacob, Harriett and Rose (twins), and Eli.
  • Owen and Jenny (Larson) Russell have three children: Jeremy, Carl, and Emma.
  • Joel and April Larson have four children: Nora, Hannah, Levi and Lily.

Please note: Jeremy is not Owen’s biological son, and Nora is not Joel’s biological daughter.

So that’s 23 children I have possibilities to work with. I have Shotgun Groom, Isaac’s Decision, Her Heart’s Desire and To Have and To Hold coming out by May 2012.  Only Isaac is covered as one of the children out of the 23 in the above list.

 *I’m not saying for sure I will cover all of the 23 children.  Some might speak to me more than others.  However, I have some plans for other characters who are popping up in additional stories I’m writing.   I’ll give some examples below.

4.  Who else will I write about in the Nebraska series?

  • In Isaac’s Decision, Isaac has a friend named Wiley who has piqued my interest, mainly because he was interested in Emily but she wasn’t interested in him.  Whenever I leave a character without their love interest, I like to give them someone better suited for them in another book.  I don’t know if Wiley will end up with one of the Larson kids or not.
  • In Isaac’s Decision, I also made reference to a Mrs. Ritter who is a widow who is also pregnant.  I’d like to see her end up with someone.  Wiley’s a possibility in this one.  If so, then this would be a good marriage of convenience scenario where neither one expects to fall in love with the other.  Her motive would be needing a provider (working in a factory isn’t an ideal setting for her, especially when she has the baby to care for), and Wiley might mend his broken heart over losing Emily to doing the right thing.  But that is a very tentative plot.  I might end up giving Wiley to one of the Larson daughters instead and Mrs. Ritter might get someone else.
  • In Her Heart’s Desire, I love Vivian.  Sally’s friend is Ethel Mae (who will end up with her love interest in Her Heart’s Desire).  Well, Ethel Mae has a little sister named Vivian who is quite outspoken and lots of fun.  She also happens to think all boys, Hugh in particular, are disgusting.  As soon as the scene popped up where Vivian is ranting about Hugh for calling her pretty (the nerve of him, right?  LOL), I just knew those two would end up together.  So I’ll be writing about Vivian in a future book.
  • I want to do a story about Jonathan from Bride of Second Chances (he’ll be a widower at this point) and send him to Omaha to marry up with someone. 

The sky’s the limit with how many characters will pop up in these books, so I can’t say exactly how many books I’ll end up writing.  This is one of those series that has continued to expand and looks like it will continue to do so.  So look at 30 as the minimum number of books I’ll be writing for this series.

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2 Responses to Where I’m Going in the Nebraska Series

  1. irishmary24 says:

    There is a wonderful writer that I love, that has invented an wonderful small town, with great characters populating it. I feel like taking a road trip to find it, and settle there! She has written many books, but never enough- and I would be so upset had she stopped at a “trilogy” of stories. I’m always so happy when she introduces other family members, or other characters, because I know there’ll be another book.
    Another writer has developed a trio of best friends. The dynamic between them is compelling, and I could hardly wait til that third of the trilogy came out this year. Now I’m hoping it wasn’t a trilogy, the idea of it left to wither on the vine.
    And there is Ruth Ann Nordin, who has imagined a historical town, with flawed but endearing townsfolk, and the wonderful Larsen family. With each story, I hope for the next one! As long as you are inspired by them, I will love to read the next one!

    • Hi Mary! It’s good to hear from you. 🙂 I’m glad that people enjoy reading about other family members and friends when they read romances. I wasn’t sure if that would work or not when I started writing them. I can honestly say of all the genres I’ve written, I enjoy romance the most, and it wouldn’t be the same without the Nebraska series.

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