Decided on the Next Book to Write: Mitch’s Win (Book 1 of the Montana Series)

Good news!  It looks like I’ll finish the first draft of Isaac’s Decision by Monday.  Since I’m almost at the end of it, I want to start on the next book I want to publish next year.  After some debate over what I feel like writing, I’ve decided to write Mitch’s Win. 

While I intend to do a complete rewrite of The Keeping of Greg Wilson, I am inspired to start on Mitch’s Win.  I am going to make The Keeping of Greg Wilson a full-length novel when I rewrite it, and I think I’m going to make it book 2 in my Montana Series.  Mitch’s Win will be book 1. 

The plot to Mitch’s Win is a widower of a couple kids (haven’t determined how many yet) is going to end up in a saloon (maybe to pick up a drunk friend/father/brother), and while he’s there, he realizes a couple of men are gambling for a young woman.  He enters the game only to save her from them.  After he wins her, he realizes she has nowhere to go (not sure why yet), so he decides she can be a mother to his children and marries her.

This is going to be a historical western, and I’ll set it around the late 1800s.

I will now put it in the queue.

Tomorrow or the next day, I’d like to interview Rick from Her Heart’s Desire.

By the way, I think I’ll change the title of The Keeping of Greg Wilson but am not sure what the new title will be yet.

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