Answering a Couple of Questions

I’ve gotten a couple of questions recently, and when someone asks something, it’s safe to assume, others have the same question.  So, I thought I’d delay the interview with Rick to answer them.

1.  Will you write Runaway Bride?

Yes, but not right now.  I am about to get Shotgun Groom out (waiting on copy editor and then proofreader).  I just finished the first draft of Isaac’s Decision, which needs a read through before I send it off to the content editor.  I am currently writing To Have and To Hold, Her Heart’s Desire, Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, and (tonight I’m starting) Mitch’s Win.  So at this time, I am not going to write Runaway Bride.  I’m not sure when I will.  It really depends on which book I’m in the mood to start writing when I finish the current work in progress on the top of my list that is to the right of this blog post.  I have to write the book I’m inspired to write at the moment I begin a new project, and unfortunately, I can’t determine what that will be ahead of time. 

2.  How can we know what you’re working on or when it’ll be published?

I have a list on the right side of this blog so everyone can keep up with my progress and know what I’m working on.  I add estimated publishing dates, and I admit that these can change depending on how the current work in progress is going.  For example, To Have and To Hold is coming to me at a faster pace, so I switched it around with Her Heart’s Desire.  This means, To Have and To Hold will now be published before Her Heart’s Desire.  So the order the books are listed to the right are the order I expect to publish them.  😀

3.  Where is Kate Page?

For the time being, she’s on hold.  I don’t have time to juggle two author names.  This past year, I’ve been unfocused with no real goals, and this resulted in me not writing or publishing anything since June, which means I ended up with a lot of months where I felt unproductive.  I hate feeling unproductive.

So, a friend told me her plan for publishing six books next year and how she’s going to space them out so she’ll have a new book out every 8 weeks or so.  I thought this sounded like a great idea and decided to use it.  In order to do that, though, I needed to focus in on one thing.  So I chose to focus on Ruth Ann Nordin’s work.  This way, I can publish six books next year (thereby having a new book out every two months), and I don’t have to worry about trying to maintain another author name.   

Hope all that makes sense.

4.  How many books will you publish next year?

I’m hoping to publish 8 books, but my official goal is 6.  Isaac’s Decision is the first book for 2012, and it’s completed.  I’m working on books 2-5 right now.  Book 2 is now To Have and To Hold.  Book 3 is Her Heart’s Desire.  Book 4 is Bound by Honor, Bound by Love (but might get switched with Mitch’s Win).  Book 5 is currently Mitch’s Win, and I start that one tonight. 

It’s realistic to say I can do 8 books total if I can get all the first drafts done by September 1.  Why do I say September 1?  Because I’ll need to get started on the books for 2013 starting September 1.  😉

This is why I’ve cut back a lot on my social networking time.  I want to focus on writing my next book.  I also want to keep doing character interviews because those are a lot of fun.

5.  Where can I buy your books?

Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, and Apple. 

6.  Will you write Just Good Friends?

Just Good Friends is meant to be a holiday romance, ranging from Thanksgiving to New Year.  In order to get the maximum benefit from it, it has to be published in October.  I missed that deadline.  Had I been more organized this year, it’d be out right now.  But I didn’t have a plan, so now we’re looking at possibly next year.  This would be book 7 or 8, depending on how things go.

If I can finish the six books by next summer, I can work on books 7 and 8, and one of them would be Just Good Friends.  Just Good Friends is higher on the priority list than Runaway Bride because it would finish up my Omaha Series.  Runaway Bride is the second of three books in the Across the Stars Series, and to be honest, the Across the Stars Series is my least popular series, meaning very few people have read Suddenly a Bride.  I’m not complaining.  It’s fine with me.  I love the book, and that’s what counts.  However, when thinking as an author, I have to take my readers’ wishes into considering, and Just Good Friends has generated more interest than Runaway Bride. 

This leads me to the last question…

7.  Will you write any more contemporaries?

It’s a small group that wants to read my contemporaries.  90% of the people who contact me want historical westerns, esp. in the Nebraska Series.   Like I said above, I do pay attention to the genre people want to read, and I try to gear my work in that direction.  Most people want historical westerns because there’s something refreshing about that time period where men treated women with more respect and people held more to morals and values.  (These are the comments I get a lot.)  And since I happen to like writing historical westerns the most, why would I do otherwise? 

However, I do plan to write contemporaries–just not often.  So if I can get 8 books out next year, one will most likely be a contemporary unless I have a historical western screaming at me to be written.  I can’t force inspiration on a certain book.  I have to wait until I’m ready to write it.

This is also why I’m putting Mitch’s Win as book 1 in the Montana Series instead of the rewrite for The Keeping of Greg Wilson (which title I will change).

Are there any questions I didn’t answer?

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