Rearranging Publishing Months on Some Books…Again

I am still planning to do an interview with Rick from Her Heart’s Desire tonight.  I swear today is the day!  Rick’s dying to talk to me, but I keep changing my 2012 plan for some of the books I’m working on.

Now, To Have and To Hold and Her Heart’s Desire are set.  Those will be published in the new time frame I stated:

To Have and To Hold = around March 1

Her Heart’s Desire = around May 1

Now, those are good where they’re out.  I’m hitting my stride in both of them and pretty much know where I’m going.  However, Bound by Honor, Bound by Love is a little tricky for me because I’m not entirely sure on where the story wants to go yet.  So I’m going to put the word count down to 200-300 words a day to give the story more time to develop in my mind.  As a result of this am going to make Bound by Honor, Bound by Love my September release book.  So instead of publishing it in July, I’m going to wait until September.

Now, I need a book for July, and I am getting a strong feeling about Mitch’s Win.  There’s a connection with the characters where they are letting me know exactly what to write and when.  This is why I have a better sense of where this story is going, so I am moving it to the July slot.

I have decided to go ahead and start Just Good Friends at 100 – 200 words a day which, if I miss a couple days here and there is no big deal because it’s scheduled to be released in November.  I already have my Christmas trees up (I got two) and am feeling festive, which I’m sure is spurring me to get started on this book.

There’s also one other piece of information I want to share while I’m writing this post on 2012 books.  I’m hoping to publish 1 or 2 more books than what is on this list.  What those 1 or 2 more books will be, I don’t know.  I’ll have to see what I’m in the mood to write when I finish up with a couple of my current works in progress.  😀

BTW, I know I’m rearranging things quite a bit, but that’s what I tend to do the further out I plan.  It’s hard to know for sure what will happen until I get closer to the anticipated publishing date.

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