Shotgun Groom is in it’s Final Stage of Proofing

I got Shotgun Groom back from the copy editor and made the changes.  It is now off to the proofreader.  While the proofreader looks it over, I am listening to it on the Kindle.  The Nook really needs to get text-to-speech (hint, hint Barnes & Noble).  I read the book in my initial read through and make changes.  Then the content editor has a look at the book.  Then I make necessary changes.  Then the copy editor has a go at it, and I make the changes.  Now it’s off to the proofreader, and while I wait, I figured I’d go ahead and listen to the whole book on my Kindle. 

I’m up to chapter 8.  I think there are 23 chapters total.  I know, I know.  I’m the author and I don’t know how many chapters my own book is, but in my defense, I’m also doing the initial read through of Isaac’s Decision and writing five books.  So after a while how many chapters is in a book tends to be a moot point.  All that matters is that the right characters stay in the right book.  LOL  Don’t worry.   I’ve never mixed up characters while writing books.  I have cheat sheets to keep me on track, so it’s all good.

While I am in editing mode, I’m not going to write anything new.  The mindset required for editing (a logical process) makes it hard to be creative.  I’ve found the best way to write a book is by kicking the editor part to the curb so I can run free with my creative spirit.  The editor shouldn’t come into play until after the first draft is done. 

So my big plan for this weekend is to work on the final stage of Shotgun Groom and the initial read through of Isaac’s Decision.  Then (hopefully) on Monday, I can get back to writing again.  This is why I pushed myself so hard at the beginning of the month to meet my word counts and the count for National Novel Writing Month.  I expected to take the middle of the month to do the edits.  I even logged it into my desk calendar ahead of time to mentally prepare for it.  And if anyone is wondering, this does mean it’ll be harder to get back into the writing mood.  But hey, even if I meet half the word count goals, it’s still progress.  And once I’m back in the groove, it’s smooth sailing.

However, the good news is that I just might have Shotgun Groom up on Amazon and Smashwords on the November 15th date.  Other sites follow after that.  I have Smashwords distribute my books to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, and Apple so I can go back to writing sooner.  Plus, I have a lot of respect for the Smashwords’ founder and wish to help support him. 

Okay.  I’m off to do more editing.

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