Contest Announcement (Chance to Win Shotgun Groom by me and Driscoll’s Lady by Paula Freda)

I’m going to open this contest to ten winners.  You can have a chance to win a copy of Shotgun Groom.   For those of you who already bought Shotgun Groom, I’ll offer a chance to win Isaac’s Decision.  I’m surprised that so many people rushed out to buy Shotgun Groom yesterday, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out because they can’t enter the contest for a chance to win a book.

In addition to win either Shotgun Groom or Isaac’s Decision, I am also adding Paula Freda’s contemporary western romance, which I really enjoyed, called Driscoll’s Lady.  Here’s the Smashwords page so you can see what that book is about:

So those are the ebooks I’m offering in this contest.  The winners will receive either a Kindle book or a Smashwords coupon for the books because those are the easiest sites for me to gift ebooks. 

As for the contest itself, I thought it’d be fun to open it up to a couple of options.  Pick whichever or how many of these you want to enter.  So, you can pick one or pick more than one.  You can enter more than once for each item.  In other words, there is no limit to how many times you can enter. 

The deadline for this contest is November 21.

Here are the options on what you can do to try to win the ebooks:

1.  Come Up With the Title of a Book.   (Up to two winners if I end up using part of one person’s title in with another person’s.)

I want to rename The Keeping of Greg Wilson when I make it a full-length book (either for 2012 or 2013).  This is the story where Greg Wilson was forced for marry Patty Dixon.  (I know, this is similar to Shotgun Groom), so I am thinking of modifying the plot so it’s not just like Shotgun Groom.  Instead of Greg Wilson being opposed to the forced marriage, I’m thinking he will be for it.  I’m not sure if Patty Dixon will be all for the marriage or not.  It could be that he pretends to oppose the marriage, but I’m not sure yet.  I don’t want to do Shotgun Wedding because that title is too close to Shotgun Groom.  But this will be a forced marriage plot, and it’ll take place in Montana as book 2 of the Montana Series.

2.  Find a picture to go on the cover for the new version of The Keeping of Greg Wilson.   (Up to Three Winners)

This entry has the possibility of having more than one winner because I can use more than one picture in the cover.  The setting for the book is in eastern Montana on a ranch.  Eastern montana is flat prairie land.  So you could find a picture of the prairie or a field with horses on it, a sunrise or sunset, or something else with an outdoorsy feel to it.  There could be a couple in the distance in silhouette.  There could be a cowboy with a hat.  The woman would have to be close up enough so you can’t tell she’s wearing contemporary clothes or she could be further in the distance in a dress so you can’t tell she’s contemporary.  A contemporary looking woman will have no sleeves on her dress or be wearing something like shorts.  And the man and woman can look like anyone.  I haven’t written the new version yet, so I can make the characters look like the people on the picture.  One thing I struggle for on websites to buy pictures is getting something with a historical feel to it and something that is attractive. 

places I buy pictures:

Just send me the link to the picture you find.  I’ll go check it out and decide if it fits or not.

3.  Find a picture for Mitch in Mitch’s Win.  (One winner)

This is for character interviews I’ll be doing in the future.  Mitch is in his late 20s to early 30s, brown hair, dark eyes, and is a cowboy.  He doesn’t have to have a cowboy hat on for the interview.  I prefer character interview pictures from since I already have credits over there.

Just send me the link or links you find.

4.  Find a picture for Heather (the heroine in Mitch’s Win) for future character interviews.  (one winner)

I’m thinking she is a brunette, and she can have light or dark eyes.  She is young, about 18.  I haven’t decided yet how she looks other than her dark hair.  I prefer for this one, too.

Just send me the link or links that you find.

5.  Find a picture for Greg Wilson for a character interview.  (One winner)

I plan to bring Greg in at some point into Mitch’s Win.  Later, I will bring him back in while writing the rewrite of The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  Greg doesn’t look like anyone yet.  I am giving him a clean slate.  He is younger than Mitch, so I’m saying early 20s for Greg, and he’s another cowboy, but I don’t need to have a cowboy hat on him.  As with the others, I prefer

Just send me the link or links you find.

6.  Name Mitch’s two children.  I’m thinking Mitch has one boy and one girl.  (Up to two winners)

7.  Come up with the words for the trailer to Shotgun Groom.  (Up to three winners if I combine three entries)

Shotgun Groom is pretty much a man forced into marriage plot.  He doesn’t want to be married.  April and her brother Sep feel they have no choice to force him to marry her, so they make him marry her at gunpoint.  Joel thinks his world is coming to an end.  April’s not too happy either because she fears she has just went from one unhappy marriage (her first husband was a jerk) right into another unhappy marriage.  She married Joel to protect herself, Sep and her one-year-old daughter from her brother-in-law who tried to rape her.  (He didn’t succeed.  I couldn’t do that to her.)   Joel doesn’t know that is why they forced him into the marriage, but he does know there is a man who wants to hurt April and Sep and this is when he starts to soften up, so something along the lines of “Joel learns things aren’t what they seem” might be enough to convey this as a line in the book trailer.  I want to hint more than reveal everything.  Know what I mean?

Here’s a link to some of my past book trailers and how I worded things for them: if you want to get an idea of how I word things in book trailers.  Honestly, I don’t consider myself the best person who can word these things, which is why I’d love someone else to do it.  I can get the pictures to fit the words, though.

*I have to add the disclaimer: By entering this contest, you are agreeing to hand over the rights for me to use any or all of what you submitted for any purpose I want to.  (Got to cover all my bases, just in case.)

To make it easy, I put an entry form below.  😀

About Ruth Ann Nordin

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9 Responses to Contest Announcement (Chance to Win Shotgun Groom by me and Driscoll’s Lady by Paula Freda)

  1. Judy says:

    Mitch’s kids:
    Hannah & Jacob or Josiah

  2. Kesia Saenz says:

    WOW… That’s way cool…. Alot of ways to win… I was just wondering, when is the deadline to enter?
    BTW LOOOOOVVVIIIINNNGGG Shotgun Groom….I’m almost finished with it…lol ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I made the deadline after I posted the original post. I hate it when I forget the simple stuff and then hit “publish” and then think, “Oh yeah, I didn’t mention…” LOL I set it for November 21. I wanted to finish up right before Thanksgiving.

      And thank you about Shotgun Groom! I’m so glad you’re loving it. 😀

  3. sent an entry, though when I hit submit I got a full sized image of the book cover, so not sure if it went.

  4. ChristinaLi says:

    Thanks so much for doing this contest! For some reason every time I try to write my entries in the box it shoots me over to a picture of The Shotgun Groom book cover. So, I’m trying to enter here. I hope that’s all right.

    Mitch’s kids: Charity and Carter
    New title: Not the Marrying Kind

    God bless and have a great day!

    • Jolenne got the cover, too, and I don’t know why. I’m making a note in today’s post so people can enter by leaving a comment or going through my website. I now know the form WordPress uses isn’t 100% effective. When I did a test, it worked, but you and Joleene are not the only ones who can’t get through by the form so it’s something wrong with the form.

      I’ve marked your comment for the contest.

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