Update on Contest

I just want to let everyone know I am getting contest entries.  I don’t know if the form I put up works or not for everyone, so if you want to enter but can’t for some reason, you can enter through the contact me form on my website: http://www.ruthannnordin.com/faqs_and_contact_me (just put “contest” in the subject so I know to bookmark it) or you can leave a comment on this blog. 

I was going to list the people who entered the contest so you’d know whether your entry got through or not, but then I thought for privacy’s sake, I better not.  However, I will list people by their initials:




T. (no last name was given)





That’s what I currently have on my list. 

The contest ends on November 21, and I’ll announce winners on the 22.

There are still some slots that haven’t been entered, but I’ll try to get to those in another post.  Currently, my kids have the stomach bug, so I’m busy playing nurse.  🙂

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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  1. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, in case you don’t see my review comment on Facebook, here are the links to my review of “Shotgun Groom”
    A Wonderful Book! 🙂

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