Would You Like My Character Interviews to be Ebooks?

I am in the process of gathering my character interviews and dividing them up according to which book they go to. It’s a little slow going because we’re still bouncing back from being sick around here and Thanksgiving was a long (but good) weekend.

I started doing character interviews when I was writing Bride of Second Chances.  I’m going to make a “Character Interviews” page on this blog and divide this page according to the book the posts fall into.  So they’ll be available to read on this blog.

However, I was thinking it some people might want the interviews to be available in ebook form. 

For example, the ebook would be titled like this:

Character Interviews From Bride of Second Chances

Character Interviews From Shotgun Groom

I’d probably have to remove the pictures that went with them in an ebook since I’m not familiar with formatting ebooks with images in them.  I could do it on the Kindle through Amazon, but Smashwords and its distribution channels is another matter.  I’m not sure I’d put the ebook on Amazon because people tend to get upset when I put a book up there that isn’t a full-length novel.  I get complaints that the book is “too short”, even if it’s free.  However, through Smashwords, B&N, Apple, etc, I can give out free and shorter works without these types of complaints, so I would distribute the ebooks through these channels. 

Now if you happen to own a Kindle and would prefer to get the Kindle version via Amazon, I’ll be willing to put them on Amazon, but you have to let me know.  If I don’t get enough feedback requesting it to go on Amazon, then I won’t put it up there.  Also, it will take about a month (maybe less) before Amazon will knock the price from $0.99 to free.  I can’t set a book at free on Amazon like I can the other bookstores.  I have to wait for Amazon to find out the book is free on B&N and Apple so they’ll price match it.  It’s a longer process, but it’s how I was finally able to get A Bride for Tom, A Husband for Margaret, and A Chance in Time free over on Amazon.

But I’d like to know if putting character interviews into an ebook is even worth the time.  Is this something you would like to have on your eReader? 

Like I said, I will get the interviews together on this blog so you can read them any time you wish.

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