Second Test Cover for Mitch’s Win and Smashwords and B&N and Shotgun Groom


I now have two possible covers for Mitch’s Win.  One is a slight modification from what I had before (all I did was make the poker cards bigger).  The second is one I made today.  A friend and I are looking into taking a course early next year in manipulating images, so I hope to get better at this.  I do enjoy working with images, and although I feel it’s been a slow learning curve, I realize we all have to start somewhere.  After all, you’re not born knowing how to walk.  You got to work to get there.  So now you know what I do with my free time.  🙂

Okay.  Here’s cover 1:

Now here’s cover 2:

I already see the area under the woman’s ear that I’d need to touch up, but overall, this would be it. 

Questions about Shotgun Groom and Barnes & Noble

I’ve been getting questions about when Shotgun Groom will be up on Barnes & Noble.  I upload to Smashwords to take care of all the distribution channels except Amazon.   Usually, my books are approved in the formatting within a week, and then about two to three weeks after that, they appear on Barnes & Noble.  This time has been a little slower.  It took two weeks to get approval in the formatting, and part of the delay is probably because more and more authors are going through Smashwords, so it takes the Smashwords team longer to approve it.  I also ran into a typo (thanks to one of my proofreaders), so I went back and corrected it (yes, I also corrected it on Amazon).  I do everything I can make the books error-free before I publish, and even with the three other people I had looking over Shotgun Groom, a typo got through.  So I’ve added another proofreader.  So hopefully, in the future no more typos will pop up in the published version. 

But anyway, this creates a delay in getting the book approved for distribution to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Apple, and Sony.   Then last week was Thanksgiving week, so Smashwords was closed on Thursday and Friday.  Those are days Smashwords ships books out to these other channels, so they’re a week behind in sending out books to Barnes & Noble, which makes the wait time longer than it would usually be.  Currently, Shotgun Groom hasn’t shipped anywhere.  It could ship tomorrow since it’ll be Friday (here in the US).  But if it doesn’t, then it should ship out next Thursday or Friday since it’s been approved and is now waiting to be shipped.

I don’t know if I’ll end up going through Barnes & Noble directly for my future books or not.  I really like Smashwords.  Smashwords has enabled me to do things Amazon wouldn’t let me do, like price a book for free or distribute to places like B&N and Apple.  When I started publishing with Smashwords, B&N didn’t have the option to go through them. 

Smashwords has also been very good to all the authors (myself included) whenever we’ve run into a problem (like me with my copyright issues back when someone stole my books).  They took time to check over all of my books and checked for any foul play through Smashwords.  They also helped me make sure the two books I was publishing at the time was given priority status in getting approval with formatting so the thief didn’t get a chance to publish those books first through any of their channels (those two books were on my first draft blogs, so it was very important I beat the thief to it).  So I have a history with Smashwords where they really came through for me when I needed it.   I’m not going to say anything negative about Amazon, but I will say dealing with Smashwords has been a whole lot nicer overall. 

With Smashwords, they care about their authors, and I’m reluctant to stop using Smashwords for B&N because I want to give Smashwords a part of anything I make to help support them.  Yes, I realize this is an emotionally-based decision which ends up making me less since authors can make a slight percentage more money going directly with B&N, but for all Smashwords has done for me and other authors I know, I think they deserve it.  They have to have money to make Smashwords run, just like all of us need money to keep the bills paid and food on the table.  It’s just nice to know that when I run into problems, I have one place that will help me out, you know?

So what I think I might do is see how Isaac’s Decision does when I publish it, but since I plan to publish it at the very end of December (another hectic time of year), it might take longer than usual for Isaac’s Decision to make it on B&N.  So I don’t know.  Maybe it’ll take To Have and To Hold being published around March 1 to get an accurate picture of what’s happening.

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  1. Kesia Saenz says:

    I really love both covers…..hmmm… the first one seems more romantic…with a touch of whimsy… where as the second one is more adventuresome…with a touch of romance…Which to choose??? I have no idea….use both?? lol Hard decision… 🙂

  2. I kind of like the first one better, I think…. but agree with Kesia’s comments 😉

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