Shotgun Groom is up on B&N!

So it took about four weeks for it to go from uploading it to Smashwords to B&N.  I will still publish Isaac’s Decision on PubIt, but I might try To Have and To Hold from Smashwords.  We’ll see.  Sometimes a clog in the system gets resolved and the process goes faster.  I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, but I do want to get my books out in a timely manner for you all.  🙂

I just noticed something that’s awesome.  B&N now allows me to gift Nook books!  So when I run a contest in the future, I can offer to gift a book on B&N! 

Here’s the link Shotgun Groom on Barnes & Noble:

I have to get on my other computer to notify people on Facebook, so I’ll be putting up the notice there in an hour or so.  Right now I have to tend to the children.

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    • And after I decided to post that I’d be publishing through PubIt on the next book, Amazon goes and does the KDP Select thing so I’m going to have to let Smashwords upload to B&N for me. I had to do some research on the whole thing and decided I have to support SW (and B&N in a roundabout way). Got to love the irony. I look like I can’t make up my mind about anything. 😛

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