Updates on My Works in Progress

I hope to do a character interview before the week is up.  I really enjoy doing them, but with everything going on with KDP Select, getting ready for Christmas, and my current works in progress, my ideas for a good interview are nil.  Sometimes I miss it when Dave and Joel were unhappy with me.  Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes when you’re upsetting your own characters.  😉

Anyway, here’s the updates….

1.  Mitch’s Win New Cover

Thanks to everyone who voted!  Most votes went to cover 1, so I’ll be using that.  In a couple minutes, I’ll update the widget to the right and the 2012 page on this site with the new cover.  Here’s the new cover in case you didn’t see the blog post where I posted the poll or forget which was cover 1 and 2:

2.  Isaac’s Decision is still with the editor. 

I am in the process of making the book trailer, but I’m not going as fast on it as I did for Shotgun Groom.

3.  To Have and To Hold is coming along great.

I’m really having fun with this book.  I’m at 46,500 words (or 155 pages in).  Someone reading Eye of the Beholder for a second time was telling me that there were times when she wanted Mary to tell Cassie no.  LOL  Well, good news is that in To Have and To Hold, Mary does end up putting her foot down and saying no.  But it’s not to Cassie.  It’s to her mother.   I can feel it coming.  Giving Mary amnesia is the only way Mary can see things as they truly are, without the past insecurities getting in the way of her perception.  Plus, it’s nice to know what Mary sees when she looks in the mirror without others telling her what she sees.  This is why she has to lose her memory instead of Dave.

By the way, Dave already had a confrontation with her mother (wrote that yesterday and today) because he noticed how her mother is treating her.  Mary’s hand is going to be forced before the story is over.  I honestly don’t know if her mother will change or not.  I did end Eye of the Beholder where it sounded like her parents were coming around to finally accepting her, but it was her father who wrote that particular letter where he called her pretty.  In To Have and To Hold, I explain this so I don’t want to give away too many spoilers and explain why.

What I should do is bring Mary’s mother in for an interview.  I’ll see if I can get the right angle for a post.  it depends on how things go when I try to write it.  Some character interviews fizzle out, like the one with Lucy and Brian (from Bid for a Bride) when I was writing Bride of Second Chances.  I wanted to bring them in and started several posts, but I never made it past the first question or two.

 4.  I will put Runaway Bride next on the “To Write” list.

Once I finish To Have and To Hold, I will add Runaway Bride to the works in progress list to the right of this post.  In the meantime, I’ll put it in the Queue.  The other books on the list will be the priority of 2012, so I’m afraid to promise it’ll be ready to read in 2012, but I will do my best to get it up by next December.  😀

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2 Responses to Updates on My Works in Progress

  1. Thessa says:

    well it’s nice to finally know that Mary gets to see how wonderful she really is.. 🙂
    and i will definitely wait for your interview with her mother..

    • Mary has improved a lot in her self-esteem from Eye of the Beholder, and oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe she actually got into a fight with her mother in the middle of the book I’m writing now! I thought for sure she’d wait until the end, but she’s not putting up with her mother badmouthing Dave and treating her badly. Mary has gotten bold. LOL That’s good though. I like knowing she came a long way from where she was.

      I’m going to try to do the interview now. I hope the characters work with me. I’m off to find a suitable picture of her mother. 🙂

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