The Best Hero in the Nebraska Series: Who is the Sexiest? (A Series of Posts Where You Get to Vote!)

For fun, I thought I’d have a contest, similar to the Olympics except instead of sports, the men competing for the gold medal have to do different tasks to demonstrate they are the best hero in the Nebraska Series.

To make it simple, I’m only going to focus on the first generation of heroes in the Nebraska Series. Here’s a list of the books and the heroes featured in them:

Her Heart’s Desire – Rick Johnson (granted, this book isn’t out yet, but he’s shown up in other books so hopefully you all have a feel for him; I’ll see about doing an excerpt from Her Heart’s Desire tomorrow to help with a more romantic angle on him)

A Bride for Tom – Tom Larson

Eye of the Beholder and upcoming To Have and To Hold – Dave Larson

The Wrong Husband – Owen Russell

Shotgun Groom – Joel Larson

His Redeeming Bride – Neil Craftsman

Now with that quick intro aside, here the heroes are in their very first competition, and you are going to get the chance to vote!  Ready?  Here we go…

The Sexiest Hero

Ruth: I see we have Dave Larson up first.  Dave, what makes you the sexiest hero in the Nebraska Series?

Dave Larson: I’m sexy because I work out in the fields a lot.  I believe exercise and eating right are good for the body.  Plus, I get two books instead of one, like the other guys.  That’s because I’m the most desirable male lead in any of the books you’ve ever done.  I don’t hear women clamouring for a sequel for Tom, Joel, Rick, Neil or Owen.  Nope.  Only me.  And that’s because I’m the sexiest hero you got.

Joel: *rolls eyes*  You’re not the sexiest hero, Dave.  You’re the most conceited.  I have never seen anyone more in love with himself.  Next Christmas I’ll remember to buy you a pocket mirror so you can see the one you love most wherever you go.

Dave: Hey, that’s not fair.  I love Mary more than anyone else.

Joel: Yeah, I feel sorry for her sometimes.  It’s amazing that bed fits both of you and your big ego.

Ruth: So Joel, you’re all dressed up.  No body to show off?

Joel: Ruth, looks fade over time, and even with great exercise and diet, there’s no substitute to what truly makes a man sexy: intelligence.  Women love a thinker, someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the world with his wisdom instead of his physical strength.  This is why I became a doctor instead of confining myself to farming.  I want to learn and never stop.

Dave: I guess that works if you don’t have a great body.

Joel: You’re body isn’t that great, Dave. 

Dave: For the 19th century, it is.  We don’t have gyms in our time.

Tom: No, no, no.  You both got it wrong.  Physical beauty and intelligence aren’t the best thing about a man. 

Ruth: What do you think makes a man sexy?

Tom: Giving the woman chocolate.  And not just for Valentine’s Day or her birthday.  He must have a steady supply of chocolate on hand at all times, and if she worries she’s getting fat, you say, “Oh honey, you look better today than you did when we got married.  You’re sweet so you deserve chocolate.  Reward yourself for the loveliness that is you.

Joel: *gags* The loveliness that is you?  Wow.  Now I know why Jessica stays with you.  You fill her up with chocolate all the time.

Tom: I’ll have you know that chocolate has a rather romantic influence on her.

Joel: Right, because it’s a natural aphrodisiac.  But you don’t have to fatten her up.  There are four other aphrodisiacs right in your kitchen.  There’s cornstarch, buttermilk, tomatoes, and avocados.  I know all of this because I’m an intellectual.  I can keep April pretty happy without shoving something fattening in her face all the time.

Tom: Oh please!  Like any of those other four things are as good as chocolate.  *rolls eyes*

Owen: You all got it wrong.  The sexiest thing a man can do for the woman in his life is to shower her with gifts.  And lots of them.  Don’t be afraid to pick up flowers and candy and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.  Be romantic.  She’s special, so you need to let her know it.

Joel: So that’s what Owen looks like!  I always wondered.

Tom: I wonder what Richard looks like.

Owen: Richard?

Joel: We have an older brother named Richard.  He is mentioned a couple of times in the books but won’t ever get his own book.

Dave: Because he wasn’t a farmer in Nebraska.  He married his wife when we were all in New York and Ruth has this policy where if it’s not out west, she’s not interested anymore.  I mean, she was interested in the East Coast when she wrote the Virginia books, but then she went through her Harlequin Historical western romance phase and was hooked.  Well, actually she wrote Eye of the Beholder–my book that started the whole Nebraska Series–and was hooked on historical westerns.  You can all thank me for being so sexy that she had to keep writing them.  If it weren’t for me, you would never have had your own books.

Joel: Tom and Owen, refer to what I said about his ego a few paragraphs up.

Rick: You want to know why I waited until last to have my own book in the first generation of Larson siblings?  Because I refused to show up when Ruth was ready to write Her Heart’s Desire.  I determine when I do my book, not her and certainly not anyone else.  You know why?  Because the sexiest thing on Earth is a bad boy.  I’m so bad, I’m good.

Tom: Actually, you don’t look like a bad boy.  You look like a psychotic killer.  You’re not carrying a knife or something behind your back are you?

Rick:  What?  No.  What gave you that idea?  I’m a bad boy.  The black leather jacket, the serious look, the facial hair, the sultry look. 

Tom: To be honest, you look a little scary.  Are you sure you didn’t become a judge to get away with your murdering spree?  I mean, who’s going to convict a judge, right?

Joel: Oh, get real, Tom.  He’s not scary.  He’s just trying to play “danger and excitement” to women gullible enough to fall for it.  The truth is, he’s a big softie.  He’s as dangerous as a dust bunny.  You want something scary?   Be locked in a room with Sally for an hour.  *shivers*  It happened to me once and I didn’t know if I was going to make it.  If I had to listen to her ramble on for one more minute, I would have gone crazy.

Neil: You’re missing out, Joel.  The best way a man can be sexy is by listening to women, especially the love of his life.  I make it a point to listen to Sarah whenever she wants to talk.  A woman loves it when a man takes the time to discuss her feelings and then shares his.  Don’t be afraid to be sensitive.

Tom: Sensitive?

Joel: Don’t worry.  You got that covered with the pink buggy and all those girls you got.  You even tear up whenever they say they love you.

Tom: I don’t tear up.  I have something in my eye.

Joel: If that’s true, you need some eye drops because you tear up a lot.  You might need antibiotics or something.  I could check you out if you want.

Tom: Back off, Joel.  There’s nothing wrong with me.

Neil: Don’t be ashamed of caring about your wife and children, Tom.  Believe me, when it all comes down to it, nothing is more important than family.

Ruth: Well, on that note, I think I’ll open up this first round of competition to a vote.  In your opinion, who is the sexiest hero in the Nebraska Series?

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6 Responses to The Best Hero in the Nebraska Series: Who is the Sexiest? (A Series of Posts Where You Get to Vote!)

  1. Thessa says:

    why is it so hard to choose? 🙂 but i like Neil’s answer though.. and also Joel’s and Owen’s.. oh Ruth i’m having a hard time choosing just one! haha! i hope i did not hurt Dave’s ego for not choosing him.. LOL!

    • LOL I think Dave could use a good kick in the behind for his ego. 😉 This is only the first competition of several. Today I plan to put up a story excerpt of Her Heart’s Desire, but the next day, I hope to get back to the competition where they have to write poetry. I also want to do future competitions where they have to treat their women to a romantic evening. That might be where Dave is the best one, but it’s also too early to tell yet how that will go. I’m brainstorming other ideas so Dave still has a chance to win overall. Though I can only imagine how that will inflate his ego even more. hehe

      • Thessa says:

        i think i’ll go with Neil here.. 🙂
        i’m so excited to read Dave’s poem.. LOL!

        • I had the hardest time with all of the poems except for Tom’s. LOL That one came right away. Though I will say Dave’s wasn’t too bad. I’m not a poet by nature, so I was hunting down different poems on the Internet to get ideas of how write them in. 😉

  2. dorothypaula says:

    What a great idea! Okay, I voted for Joel because I liked his remarks: “…looks fade over time, and even with great exercise and diet, there’s no substitute to what truly makes a man sexy: intelligence. Women love a thinker, someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the world with his wisdom instead of his physical strength. This is why I (Joel) became a doctor instead of confining myself to farming. I want to learn and never stop…” I especially liked that last sentence “…I want to learn and never stop.” In my experience, that is one of the hardest accomplishments for a man because it means he has to admit he doesn’t know it all.”

    • LOL Isn’t that the truth that men don’t like admitting they don’t know everything? I think it’s why they don’t like to ask for direcitons. 😀

      I had so much fun with this thing. Someone suggested doing an “Olympics” type of thing to determine the best hero last week and I thought it sounded like a neat idea. I’m partial to anything where I can bring all the guys together. For some reason, the women aren’t as much fun, probably because it’s the men who give each other a hard time.

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