The Most Romantic Hero in the Nebraska Series (Another One for You to Vote On!)

Updates on the previous two competitions to find out who the best Nebraska hero is…

For the sexiest hero, here are the results:

  • Dave Larson  = 53 votes
  • Neil Craftsman = 12 votes
  • Joel Larson = 5 votes
  • Rick Johnson = 4 votes
  • Owen Russell = 2 votes
  • Tom Larson = 0 votes

For the best poetic hero, here are the results:

  • Dave Larson = 71 votes
  • Neil Craftsman = 8 votes
  • Rick Johnson = 7 votes
  • Tom Larson = 6 votes
  • Joel Larson = 5 votes
  • Owen Russell = 1 vote

Dave: Wahoo! 

 Thank you to everyone who voted for me.  You rock!

Tom: I got 6 votes for my poem to Jessica?  How awesome is that?  I even got one more vote than Joel did.  hehe

Dave: 53 votes for being sexy and 71 votes for my poetic skill?  How cool is this?  Ruth, I think this means I get a third book.  The people have spoken and they want more of me!

Joel: You’ve got to be kidding me!  Did I step into a parallel universe or something?  How in the world can Dave get that many votes and the rest of us so little?

Dave: *shrugs*  When you got it, you got it.

Joel: Oh, you got it alright.  But what you got, I don’t want.  Am I the only one who can see how massive your ego is?  Seriously?  These votes can’t be real.  I suspect foul play.  I want a recount.

Dave: It’s legit, Joel.  You’ll just have to deal with it.  There’s no sense in denying the obvious.  People just don’t like you as much as they like me. 

Joel:  Don’t get me started, Dave, or I’ll…

Dave: You’ll what?  Bore me with medical terms?

Ruth: Okay, guys.  We still have more competitions to do before we’re done.

Joel: And Dave’s going to end up winning so what’s the point?

Ruth: The point is, I still want to do these posts, and besides, some people did pick you.

Joel: The smart ones.

Dave: Wrong.  The smart ones voted for me.  The people voting for you felt sorry for you.  They were sympathy votes.

 *Joel lunges at Dave*

Ruth: *steps in to break them up*  Break it up, guys.  This is my blog, and while we’re here, we’re doing it my way.  This isn’t the books where you guys take over and destroy my plans.  This is the blog, and I get to run the show here.  So let’s get on to the competition.  Tonight you will each tell everyone your favorite moment with your wife.

Rick: Technically, I’m not married yet in Her Heart’s Desire, though I would be if you’d get to it. 

Ruth: I’ve been backed up with other projects.

Rick: Yeah, like To Have and To Hold.  You bumped my book back to have that one out sooner.

Dave: And I’m very happy with how To Have and To Hold is going, by the way.  There’s no need for me to go in and rewrite any of it for you.  The scene where Mary told her mother she wasn’t going to be manipulated anymore was great.

Rick: *sighs* My point is, my favorite memory hasn’t happened yet.

Ruth: Well, let’s pretend I already wrote it.  What is your favorite memory with Sally?

Rick: Fine.  And this shows just how bad I can get.  I kidnapped Sally and ran off with her so I could marry her. 

 Neil: No way.  You didn’t actually kidnap her.

Rick: Not yet.  But I will. 

Tom: But why?

Rick: Because I wanted to surprise her.

Tom: Did she cry?

Rick: Well, I’m not sure.  I don’t think so.  Remember, it hasn’t actually happened yet because Ruth hasn’t written that part of the book.

Tom: I think she’ll cry.  Kidnapping a woman would scare her.

Rick: I don’t think Sally’s the type to get scared.

Tom: Sure, she is.  Just how are you going to kidnap her?

Rick: I don’t know. 

Tom: You don’t know?

Rick: No.  Remember, the scene hasn’t happened yet.  I don’t know the details until Ruth writes it down.

Tom: I hope you don’t throw a blanket over her so she can’t see.  That would scare her.  I also hope you don’t shove her into some dark and creepy carriage or wagon and leave her to wonder what is going on.

Rick: *sighs*  Good grief.  This is a romance, not a thriller or a horror novel. 

Tom: Well, let’s hope it stays a romance.  I wouldn’t want my poor sister to suffer distress.

Rick: Ugg.  She’ll be fine.  Why don’t we move on to you.  What’s your favorite memory?

Tom: My favorite memory is when Jessica said yes to my marriage proposal.

Joel: *snorts* Like that was a surprise.  She pretty much came out and said it in front of everyone in A Bride for Tom when you and all those people were hovering around in the entryway of her house while her ex-fiance’s mother was trying to get her to dump you.

Tom: Nothing was certain until Jessica actually said “yes” when I asked.  You can’t take anything for granted, Joel.

Joel: That includes the wedding night you botched up.  *laughs* 

Tom: That’s not up for discussion in this post.  We’re talking about our favorite memories, not our most embarrassing ones. 

Joel: Ah ha!  So you admit that you were so clumsy you messed things up!

Tom: I have four daughters saying I managed to redeem myself, so drop it.

Owen: The rest of us would like to go at some point, so keep it going.  What’s yours Joel?

Joel: Okay.  This is easy.  It was when April told me I was the best man in the world and that she couldn’t have done better than me.  I was even better than Dave Larson.  Take that, Dave!

Owen: Joel, no one believes that really happened.

Tom: Yeah, stop making stuff up.

Joel: It could have happened.

Owen: But what really happened?

Joel: *sighs* Okay.  My favorite memory was Christmas day when she sat on my lap.  It was the first real nice moment we had together.

Owen: That is a good memory.

Neil: I have to admit it is.  So what’s yours, Owen?

Owen: Easy.  It was when Irving came to town and everyone found out I wasn’t really him.  I was put in jail and thought for sure I’d never see Jenny again.  But then she showed up, and I knew everything would be alright.

Dave: How could you know that when we were ready to hang you on the spot for lying to her about being someone else?

Owen:  Let me clarify my point.  I knew everything would be alright between me and her.  You and your brothers, however, was another thing.

Neil: The Larsons are pretty fair people, for the most part.

Dave: Like I didn’t have a good reason to be wary of you.

Tom: Oh for goodness’ sakes!  Don’t you two start in.  We’re here to discuss our favorite memories with our wives, not the moment you wanted to clobber someone over the head.    What’s yours, Neil?

Neil: Right after I married Sarah, we had a tornado come through the property, and I went to get her necklace because it was the only thing she had left from her parents.  When I made it to the cellar, she hugged me, and I knew in that moment that I mattered to her.

Joel: Not bad, Neil.  Going out into the storm where a tornado is on the land and not knowing if you’d make it or not.   That’s bound to be better than anything Dave can come up with.

Dave: You’re right, Joel.  I didn’t do anything like go out into a storm where a tornado was somewhere on the property.  There weren’t any tornadoes in my first book, and there aren’t any in the second one.

Joel: Why do I have the feeling I’m going to hate hearing the rest of this spiel?

Dave: *ignores Joel* But this is my favorite memory with Mary.  It’s actually two at the moment.  When she gave birth to Isaac and Rachel.  At the time To Have and To Hold is written (where I am currently at), it’s just the two kids.  You see, every time she has a child, I’m always glad she and the children are healthy. 

Joel: Oh great.  He’s going to get another gazillion votes for that one.

Dave: It’s the truth.  Maybe if you thought your wife was going to die and then realized she had a miscarriage, you’d understand.

Joel: I really wish Ruth had done that scene where I gave April an emergency c-section to save her life, but the book never made it that far.

Ruth: *cuts off her characters as they continue to bicker back and forth* Since this post is long enough, I’ll end things here and open up the poll for votes.  😀

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4 Responses to The Most Romantic Hero in the Nebraska Series (Another One for You to Vote On!)

  1. Judy DV says:

    The poll did not load for me from the link in the newsletter.

    You make it hard to choose. I like to go for the underdog but they all seem
    like underdogs compared to Dave these days!

    And I keep forgetting what a sweetheart Dave is!

  2. Karen Miller says:

    I must be your wierd reader but I really like Joel, I think he is my favorite out of all your heros. Dave may have introduced me to Ruths books but it is Neils and now Joels books that a I have re-read many times. So To Joel and Neil you do have your own fan base.

    • In the spirit of fun, Joel and Dave want to chime in.

      Joel: Thank you, Karen. It’s nice to know someone out there has some common sense.

      Dave: Yeah, but if it wasn’t for me, you never would have found Joel. So I’m still better.

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉

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