Got the Cover for The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife

Yeah, I decided to go with the title The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife.  I tend to gravitate to books with “inconvenient” and “wife” in the title, so I figured, “What they hey?  Might as well pick something I’d want if I was looking for a book.  I already know the hero of this book has a friend who has a limp.  I’ve always wanted to do a hero who has a limp, and I’m thinking this will make the hero of book 2 in the series very unappealing to the women of his day.  How he ends up getting married will be something I’ll have to figure out as I work through this book.  I’m not sure what I’ll call this series yet.  So far, it’s the Regency books series.  LOL  I’ll try to come up with something better as I get closer to finishing this book. 

For anyone interested in how my mind works, I honestly don’t set out to do certain characters or even certain plots.  These things pop up unexpected.  Take the limping hero for book 2.  I just “knew” the hero of book 2 would be good friends with the hero in book 1 and have some type of imperfection that makes him unappealing to women.  Then I thought, “Ah, I can use the limping hero here.” And there you have it.  Given the right situation at the right time, things fall into place when I least expect it. 

I am pushing some other books down the list to get to this one, mostly because these particular characters are bugging me to write them.  I know.  I don’t even have their names, and they’re already bothering me.  I can’t really explain how this happens, and often, it happens out of the blue when I least expect it, which is why planning out books more than six months in advance gets tricky.   

I did not make the cover for this book.  I was browsing through covers on ( and found this one that was pre-made.  I just needed to insert my name and title on it when I bought it, and here it is:

I do realize someone else can use the same cover, but just like with stock images on any site, you can end up with the same type of cover.  But I love the cover and see no reason to let “someone else might use this” stop me from using it.  The only thing I really care about is keeping my story mine.  The cover is a nice visual, but it’s not the story.  Know what I mean?

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10 Responses to Got the Cover for The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife

  1. It”s fascinating to hear what’s going on in your writer’s brain! I’m similar in that there are characters in mine fighting to get the top to be written about.
    That’s an excellent cover – tantalising and attractive, but as you say, not giving too much away.

    • Do you end up writing more for the characters who are screaming the loudest? That’s what I end up having to do because otherwise, I end up not being able to write on the other books. It’s so weird that way. And thanks on the compliment for the cover!

  2. Kesia Saenz says:

    Cool cover!!! I like it!!

  3. Tara Sz says:

    The cover and Title seem so ‘right’. Its unlike any of the covers of your books, I believe. But its lovely 🙂 …and so are the others.

    • Thanks, Tara. 🙂 Since it’s Regency, I did want something different. I did find a couple of pictures with women in nice gowns, but I kept going back to that particular cover because of the way the guy was holding the woman. I liked the spark of tenderness in it.

  4. Judy DV says:

    I like the cover and the name fits well too.

    • Thanks! I can’t wait for him to catch her pretending to be a stable boy. I have a feeling that will be a lot of fun since he’ll know that she’s in disguise), but he’ll let her think he doesn’t know. 😉

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