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I don’t really have one specific topic tonight, so I’ll just give a list of what’s going on.

1.  Just got four stolen books on Amazon under my pen name Amanda Winters removed.  Meaning, someone stole those books and put them for sale on Amazon as if they wrote them.  (BTW, Amanda Winters is my pen name for fantasy books in case anyone doesn’t know.)  That is where I’ve been for the past couple of days–getting that done.  Thankfully, the stolen books are now gone.  Thank you, Amazon, for being quick.  😀

2.  I’m now going through the second draft of To Have and To Hold.  I’m halfway through it now, and I have halted all writing to get it done and ready for my editor.  I’d like to be able to focus on writing instead of trying to edit over the book before it goes out.

3.  After much internal debate, I’ve decided to try a blog newsletter.  I’d update it once a month.  I do give updates on what I’m doing on this blog, but if you don’t want your inbox full of my ramblings, then a newsletter done once a month might be more convenient.  It’s also no pressure, which is something I like.  I did have an email list, but I don’t know if people secretly wanted to be off of it but were afraid to tell me.  So this seems to be the simple and easy solution.  You can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you feel like it.  This way, if you get bored, you don’t have to put up with my emails.  LOL I’ll get working on the newsletter blog this week and announce when it’s ready.

4.  I’d like to do a contest for a chance to win To Have and To Hold.  Now that B&N allows me to gift books, I can offer it for Nook readers instead of giving them Smashwords coupons.  If I’m right, Kobo and Sony offer a gift book option?  I’m not sure.  But I know Amazon, B&N and Smashwords now allows it.  I was thinking of asking one question and then putting everyone who answers it into a random.org generator, and the top 10 people on the list random.org comes up with gets To Have and To Hold.  The question for To Have and To Hold is, “Out of my current works in progress, which one do you want to see published first?”  I’d like to know what you’re most interested in and I can change the list around pretty easy. 

5.  I think I’m done with the Sexiest Hero in the Nebraska Series thing.  I’d like to get back to character interviews.  The winner is Dave Larson, and even though he can be rather egotistical on this blog, I assure you, he was very nice and humble in To Have and To Hold.  😀  The second runner up was Joel Larson.  Neil Craftsman was third.  The others pretty much were evened out with Owen Russell being last.

6.  I had a question from someone if the pictures I use on my book covers and this blog are legally paid for.  The answer is yes.  I hold copyright ownership in high esteem.  I buy all the pictures I use on my blogs and my book covers off of royalty-free stock photo sites like www.dreamstime.com, www.istock.com, www.shutterstock.com, and www.photos.com.  Through buying these pictures, I am allowed to use them for book covers, on my blog, etc as long as I don’t try to sell the pictures as pictures.  Meaning, I can’t post the picture on my blog and try to sell the picture.  But I can sell my book with the picture on the book cover because in that case I am selling the book, not the picture.  Make sense?  So yes, I do acquire every picture I use legally.  Hope that answers that person’s question and answers anyone else who might be wondering.

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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10 Responses to Random Stuff

  1. Karen Miller says:

    I’m not sure where you wanted the answers to your question posted so I’ll just do it here for now unless you tell me to move it somewhere else. I would love to see the Earl’s Inconvenet Wife next.

  2. Tara Sz says:

    Really Sorry to hear about more stolen books :(… Its nice to know To Have and To Hold is almost done!
    The answer to your question.. I would like to see Mitch’s Win to be published first. I found the plot and the characters very intriguing.

    • Thanks, Tara.

      Mitch’s Win is the book that is the easiest for me to write because the characters are strongest to me. It has a Bid for a Bride and Bride of Second Chances feel to it, and I’d say those were among my favorite books that I’ve ever written.

  3. Other than To Have and to Hold… I think I’m most looking forward to Just Good Friends finally coming to fruition. I ❤ Christmas themed romances… and it's something a little different.

  4. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, in answer to your question, I would like to see “To Have and To Hold” published next. “Eye of the Beholder” was among your first stories I read, and “Mary” and “Dave” made a lasting impression on my mind. In that book the “plain” girl gets the hero, and as a “plain” girl (well, a young girl 45 years ago, LOL) I empathize and equate with the non-glamorous. But whichever book you decide to publish next, I’m heartily looking forward to reading it. All the best, Dorothy Paula 🙂

    • I wrote about Mary because I got tired of all the heroines being drop dead gorgeous, even when they are frumpy but then get a make over. I like thinking of my characters are more average, though a real beauty shows up once in a while. I’d like to do a nerdy type who gets the girl in The Write Husband (which I won’t even get to until next year at the soonest).

  5. newsletters are always a good thing, but so time consuming to put together! I have been neglecting mine…

    • That was the problem. I ended up spending a good four hours on each one in the past. I’m hoping by doing it as a blog post, my time will go down to 30 minutes. *fingers crossed*

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