My Old Titles from my Pre-Romance Days

I decided to make this list a post so I can attach it to my FAQ page for future reference in case anyone has questions about the books I wrote and published through iUniverse (a vanity press I went with from 2002 to very early 2008.   Back then, I had no idea anyone would be interested in my books.  I handed them out to a few family and friends, but I expected that to be the end of it and that no one would ever know I wrote them.  Well, fast forward to today and now I know differently.  Yes, lesson learned: write as if someone will actually read the book.  😛 

Disclaimer: Because I didn’t expect anyone to ever read my books back then, I did not do as thorough a job of editing as I do today with my editor and three proofreaders.  I can’t go back and edit those books because once I signed them on with iUnvierse, I lost control of them.  So they are as they are.  I also have no control over the price of these books or how they were formatted either.  Any complaints you have in regards to these books can be sent to iUniverse.

All books are PG. 

1.  Death Planet – sci-fi/fantasy (adults) – published Nov. 2002

The soil is dying and the air is losing its oxygen. The devastation begins at the equator but is quickly spreading north and south. Soon the entire Earth will become uninhabitable to everyone and everything living on it. As the scientists hurry to find a solution that will be mankind’s salvation, Adam Riley works on a time machine.

Adam succeeds in building his machine, and he travels in the past to find a solution, but the answer is not in the past. By accident, he finds himself in the future where people have long since been extinct. The new species, the Erudites, decide to bring humans to their time so mankind may continue to live. But Adam’s sister leads a rebellion that will lead Adam to the discovery of what caused mankind’s extinction. Through this discovery, Adam will be forced to make a choice that will determine the fate of both mankind and the Erudites.

Warning: not exactly a happy ending.

2.  Crestview Chronicles (YA paranormal) – March 2003

Welcome to Crestview…where your next step, may be your last.

I Will Love You Forever: a simple tale of a murderer being pursued by her dead victim.

Lost: a teenage boy who finds himself lost in a forest, and he is being hunted by a wild beast.

Nightmare at Grandma’s: a spoof on scary stories. It is about a teenager who visits his grandmother for Spring Break, and as soon as he invites his friends over, they start disappearing…one by one.

Running on Empty: Tiffany drives on a deserted road to pick up her friend, but when her car runs out of gas, she realizes that something wants her dead.

Don’t Open the Door: Deciding to take a dare from her friend, Natalie and Jeff uncover a knife from a grave, but they may have unknowingly disturbed the boy who was buried there.

3.  Ann’s Quest to be Queen (aka Into Her Own by Amanda Winters) – YA/Adult Fantasy – October 2003

Ann Kerwin, a college student, has just found out she is destined to be a queen on a distant planet called Raz, which is located in the Enchanted Galaxy. Hathor, the current queen’s son, is going to bring her safely to Raz. Unfortunately, Raz’s neighbors, the Palers, are determined to foil their plans. Through a series of adventures, Ann finally arrives on Raz, but the Palers pull one more trick that sends her on her own journey where she must discover who she is and what she really wants.

Disclaimer: I later published this book under my pen name for fantasy Amanda Winters and titled it “Into Her Own” but since iUniverse has put this up in ebook form, I removed Amanda Winters so it’s in the process of being taken down from different booksites.

4.  The Vampire’s Kiss – YA thriller – July 2004 – I do not recommend this due to stupid ending.  Also, this is not a vampire romance.  The guy playing vampire is the bad guy.  But please take my word for it, this is a really dumb book I wish I could remove but can’t.

Cara Stivers hasn’t had a date in almost a year, so when her friend offers to fix her up with two different boys, she readily agrees to meet them. But one of the boys, Nate Summers, is the same boy who haunts her in her dreams. Except in her dreams, he’s a vampire and he’s dangerous. When the murders begin, she knows that Nate is behind them, and she finds out that he is going to kill her next. In a race against time, she has to find out who he really is, why he wants to kill her and how to stop him before it’s too late.

Disclaimer: I rewrote the ending to this book and republished it under Violet Tyler and titled it Deadly Intent.

5.  Queen of Raz (aka A Matter of Time by Amanda Winters) – Adult Fantasy- April 2005

In this sequel to Ann’s Quest To Be Queen, Ann is called upon to save her home planet, Earth. Two years after becoming Queen of Raz, Ann discovers that her dead enemy Omin, from planet Pale, left a clone of himself. At the right moment, the clone, Omin-2, wakes up and goes to Earth to destroy Ann before she can become Queen of Raz. Along with Ann, Hathor and William are thrown back six years into the past. Although Hathor and William remember those six years, Ann has no memory of it. The Palers and Olympians struggle to find and rescue the Queen while Hathor and William fight for the right to claim her heart. Ultimately, the struggle will come against Omin-2 whose desire to rule the entire Earth convinces him to make a slave race of the entire world. Now it is up to Ann and her allies to save Earth before it’s too late.

Dislcaimer: I later published this book under my pen name for fantasy Amanda Winters and titled it “A Matter of Time” but since iUniverse has put this up in ebook form, I removed Amanda Winters so it’s in the process of being taken down from different booksites.

6.  The Dimensions – YA Fantasy – April 2005

Imagine a doorway that can take you to an alternate dimension. Imagine a dimension where time travel is as common as watching TV. Imagine a dimension where animals do your bidding at the sound of the music you play. This is a contemporary fantasy story where a group of friends will discover that the world we live in, the 3rd dimension, isn’t the only one there is.Desperate to leave his past behind, Steve Montgomery runs away from Ohio to Raven, Montana where he meets the one girl who can erase the horrible memories that haunt his mind. She is Jessica Riley. The girl who knows he is hiding a dangerous secret but has yet to uncover it. The girl who is determined to stand by him to the end, even when his father threatens to kill her. The girl who follows him through other dimensions just to be with him. Caught between redemption and hell, Steve will have to make the final decision on whether to keep her safe or to follow his heart.

7.  In Pursuit of a Queen (aka Retribution by Amanda Winters) – Adult Fantasy – April 2006

When Ann Kerwin left Earth to become Queen of Raz, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Now, five years later, she has developed the skills and knowledge that has given her the reputation for being a Queen worthy of ruling Raz.

From another galaxy, the Augurs request her alliance. She is ready to meet with them when an emergency comes to her attention. She must go to the Nicals and retrieve the Stone of Immortality which the Nicals stole from the Olympians in their quest to survive a severe plague that destroyed all but a handful of their people. The Augurs meet with Hathor instead and send him and Queen Ann to the lost city of Atlantis where they will meet old friends, confront an old nemesis and learn the genesis of the Olympian rulership.

Ultimately, Ann will be forced to protect her unborn child, the next Queen of Raz, from those who would destroy her.

Disclaimer: I later published this book under my pen name for fantasy Amanda Winters and titled it “Retribution” but since iUniverse has put this up in ebook form, I removed Amanda Winters so it’s in the process of being taken down from different booksites.

8.  The Queen and Atlantis (aka Prophecy of Atlantis by Amanda Winters) – Adult Fantasy – April 2006

Shortly after Amanda learned that Raz chose her to be its Queen, she visits the gods and goddesses on Olympia. While she is there, she learns that she is needed on Earth to destroy Atlantis which has risen from the bottom of the ocean floor. Centuries ago, six Olympians ordered the future rise of Atlantis and mandated that their clones take over their rule. Realizing their grave mistake, they plead with Amanda to go to Atlantis and find the human man Pallid, who can stop their clones with a simple password.

Taking her sister with her, Amanda meets up with Pallid and his friend, Jake. To escape the military officials scouting out the city, Amanda’s magic sends them back in time before Atlantis’ fall. Atlantis is the city of perfection where beauty and youth are praised among all who live there. But with such perfection comes a heavy price, and Pallid must decide how far he is willing to go to keep Atlantis on the map.

Disclaimer: I later published this book under my pen name for fantasy Amanda Winters and titled it “Prophecy of Atlantis” but since iUniverse has put this up in ebook form, I removed Amanda Winters so it’s in the process of being taken down from different booksites.

9. Katnia: Xana’s Representative – YA Fantasy – April 2007

Karen Tyler is abducted by a group of friendly aliens from the planet Xana, which is in danger of being attacked by its neighbor, Parisia. She agrees to help them. The Parisian aliens have chosen Nathan to be their mediator, and she is shocked to learn that another Earthling will be her nemesis.Aboard the Parisian spaceship, five Parisians try to kill her, so she is forced to flee into the Xanian wilderness where it is a matter of time before her enemies catch up with her.

10.  Witness to a Murder – YA thriller – June 2007

I witnessed a murder. It was horrible. Rick Thompson killed Brenda Garner after school in a vacant hallway. No one else saw it. I didn’t go to the police or tell my mom right away. I should have. I didn’t tell anyone what I saw until it was too late. And now no one believes me. No one but Rick Thompson. And I think he’s going to kill me too.

11.  Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom (which I later combined and expanded to be Falling In Love With Her Husband) – originally Christian romances – Nov. and Dec. 2007

Todd’s Bride is told from Ann’s point of view and is preachy.  My original intent was to be preachy in Christian romances but then I realized how boring that was and changed the way I wrote romances.  This was also at a time when I was beginning the road to writing romances and hadn’t found my “groove” yet.

Ann’s Groom was from Todd’s point of view.  It was after this one, I realized it made no sense to do two separate books with the same story so I combined them together to write:

Falling In Love With Her Husband is the full version of Todd’s Bride and Ann’s Groom.  It is not preachy.  It also contains sex.

12.  Winning the Heart of Adrienne (aka Romancing Adrienne) – February 2008

I recommend reading Romancing Adrienne instead of this one.  I did modify portions of this book when I published it as Romancing Adrienne.  Here is the current version:


I hope everyone understands that I do take my writing seriously these days.  When I published through iUnvierse, I considered writing to be a hobby.  Like I said above, I never thought in a million years anyone would be reading any of my books.  When I started on romances, I started to get more dedicated to improving my writing, and I continue to strive for improvement today.  I wish I could go back and polish those books up, but I can’t. 

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to or check out
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10 Responses to My Old Titles from my Pre-Romance Days

  1. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, the blurb for “Death Planet” intrigues me and I’m planning to buy the e-book. As always, you underestimate your talent. I read all your revised “Queen of Raz” books and loved them. The free chapter of “Death Planet” that Amazon allows the prospective buyer to read is well written and makes me want to read more. It’s a pity that iUniverse won’t give you back your rights to the book. Lotsa hugs, Dorothy Paula 🙂

    • Thanks. I still like the stories (except for The Vampire’s Kiss–I wish I’d never written that one), but I feel bad since I didn’t do the thorough job of editing that I do now. I wish I had taken more time to read through the books and have others look at it. My husband did look over Death Planet, laughed his head off and helped me modify it for the better. That idea, by the way, came from my father-in-law who asked if I’d write a story where humans became extinct like the dinosaurs. 😉 That tells you why it’s not exactly a happy ending.

      • razbooks says:

        When I chose the title razbooks I had no idea that anyone else already had that title. RAZ are my initials before I was married. How do we straighten this out? I would in no way wish to take credit for yourwriting. Please tell me this isn’t happening. How can I cancel my wordpress account without nullifying yours?

        Ruth Ann Zartman Hixson
        my emailis storyteller4@windstream. net

        • LOL That’s funny. I doubt there’s a problem. I deleted the WordPress account that featured these books a couple weeks ago because I didn’t want to do anything else with those books. I only have them listed here in case someone wonders if my work has been stolen. I’ve gone through two rounds now of having my books stolen, and some people who are looking out for me let me know if something suspicious pops up. I figure by having these books with their covers and info listed here, they will know those books aren’t stolen. (Hope that makes sense.)

          As for those four books I wrote over five years ago, iUniverse (the publishing company I paid to publish them) controls the files, so I can’t do anything with them. (I’d love to delete all of my pre-romance titles except for Return of the Aliens, to be honest.)

          I wouldn’t worry about the same name Raz. My sales with those books are pretty nonexistent. (Like I get one check a year from iUniverse for $30 and those checks include sales of three romance titles and a couple thrillers.) I had republished the Raz series only because my readers were curious and I had put them up under Amanda Winters, but a couple weeks ago, I decided I didn’t want them up there anymore and am in the process of getting the books removed from B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple, etc. They’re already removed from Amazon and Smashwords. Unfortunately, I don’t have control over how soon this happens. However, for the iUniverse editions (that were my originals under Ruth Ann Nordin), those will stay only because I don’t have any control over those, but I have no intention of marketing them at all. I just want to focus on my romances. (There are many times I wished I hadn’t published those old books, but you know what they say about hindsight.) And yes, I know the whole thing is messy and complicated. I would never do this again because it has become so complicated.

          I’m not sure if any of my rambling made sense

          Anyway, there’s no need to delete your WordPress account. 🙂 I am curious about your site now and will check it out.

          • razbooks says:

            Ruth Ann. I feel like I’m talking to myself. There for a while I thought someone with a slightly skewed sense of humor was having a little fun. If I’d had him here I would have kicked him so hard it would knock the moon out of kelter. But now I know he wasn’t funning. The the coincidence gremlin has struck again. It happens to me all the time. Even with names like Drumheller and Bayshore. As soon as I wrote them in books, their names were on the news a perpetrators of some crime. If nothing else this gives me a little fodder for my books. I already closed my account with wordpress. Is Ruth Ann your real name or a pen name? This has been a most interesting meeting.
            By the way, my maiden name was Zartman hence the initials raz. Ruth Ann Hixson

            • I know what you mean about thinking you made something up and it showing up somewhere else. I thought I made up the name Hathor in the Raz books, and then I saw that name on a license plate and then learned Hathor was a female mythical deity. You can’t win. 😀 Yes, Ruth Ann is my real name. I’m not very original. And sadly, when I made up Amanda Winters for a pen name, someone else did, too, and I didn’t realize it until after the fact. I’m actually glad to drop Amanda Winters. I felt so guilty about it and now I don’t have to. I’m sorry you closed your account.

              What type of books do you write?

              • razbooks says:

                Hi Ruth Ann, I haven’t read any of your books yet. I just finished the first draft of a mystery/romance. I’m in the reworking phase. I have a difficult time keeping my mind on it because life keeps getting in the way. I also write historical romance and western/romance. One of these days I want to finish A Cowboy’s Love. The main male character is based on my son: low on IQ but long on common sense. The worst coincidence was when I began writing a series after having my knees replaced. My main character is James (Jim) Crawford). Into the seventh book I had to do some research on Lycoming County which was founded about 1789. Not sure about that date anymore. But the gist of it is one of the first county commissioners was James Crawford. I tried to change his name to Lawford but it didn’t seem right to have Mima say, “I’m Big Jim Lawford’s daughter.” It’s still Crawford. I don’t know if it will ever be published. I was on the 12th book when I got interrupted by Love Thine Enemy which in turn was interrupted by A Cowboy’s Love. Then I wrote Love Not Planned and Lost Memories. Already I have been working on the plot for Wounded Heart. And there are a couple short stories waiting in the wings. That’s enough to keep me busy for a while. I’m 68 and I’d like to squeeze in as much as I can. I really need to concentrate on my mystery. I’m glad to have met you despite the mixup. Ruth Ann Hixson

                • You sound like you have some exciting books in the works! I’m partial to historical westerns so it’d be fun to read those when you publish them. There’s no need for you to read my stuff. Life is busy, and I say concentrate on getting your stuff out there. I’m only 37, so I have more time. I hope you’ll send me a link to your new blog when it’s up. I feel bad you deleted the WordPress one. I know once you delete it, you can’t get it back. Hopefully the next one will be better!

                  • razbooks says:

                    Ruth Ann, I’ll keep in touch but things have slowed to a crawl now. My right arm is so painful I can hardly use it. The doctor says there is nothing he can do. I am so tired of going to doctors. Next week I go for blood work. The following week I go to see a nurse practitioner about my osteoporsus. I’m not sure those spellings are correct but I’m not inclined to look them up right now.
                    I also intend to ask my PCP for a referral to see an orthopedic doctor at Geisinger even though it will be further to travel. I am in severe pain. I find it hard to believe there is nothing can be done for it. I have opened a blog on Blogspot but don’t know how to get back to it. I’m not very tech smart. I’m still learning. I have also done a book review for a fellow writer on Smashwords. I also edited her book. I got connected to her through LinkedIn where I belong to several writers’ groups. One of them is Beta Readers where writers exchange there work to have it read to find out what changes have to be made before it goes to an editor.

                    I’m feeling a little down this morning. It’s snowing. After a January with little snow and above normal tempuratures, it has decided to become winter with an Arctic cold front that threatens to bring the coldest temps this season. I don’t do snow. I have this fear of falling. When I fall I break bones. When the weather turns bad I stay indoors.

                    I like to read. My favorites are mysteries, westerns (I grew up on Zane Greys and Ranch Romances), and historical romances. I have a lot written but none published. My only published work was from when I worked for a newspaper. Then I knew what I wrote would be published within a day or two. I also wrote a weekly column. I wish I’d kept my copies but one time I was cleaning out my files, and since I had quit writing at the time, I threw it all away. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

                    Enough about me. I’m just glad to have someone to “talk” to. What better than someone who shares my name. Are you actively writing now? Keep in touch and may God bless you in whatever you do. Ruth Ann.

                    • I’m sorry to hear you’re going through all of that. That’s horrible. It seems that they should be able to do something to help with all the medical advancements they’ve made.

                      Blogspot’s always been tricky for me, which is why I use WordPress. I usually have to log in a couple of times before I can leave a comment. I’m not tech smart either. I’ve had to have people walk me through on what to do and even now don’t always get it right.

                      I’ve deleted old stories, too. You think you’ll never touch them again and find out you could have. I hate that.

                      Yep, I’m writing. I get more on some days than others. I hope you’ll let me know if you get back to Blogspot or find another blog so I can read your posts. 😀

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