Interview With Lord and Lady Roderick (Hero and Heroine in The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife)

This interview is based on the excerpt I posted from The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife.  Thanks to the awesome feedback, I know what I got right and what I got wrong.  I have gone back into the story to change around how I was doing titles for the nobility and others (though I admit who is a Miss vs. Lady is making me pull my hair out though it’s been explained to me three times now LOL).  The easy part was going back and making it so that Roderick got the special license and married Claire (now Lady Roderick) at a small church the following week. 

Lord Roderick: *sigh* Must you call her that?

Ruth: Well, it is her title.

Lord Roderick: A title she got through deceptive means.

Ruth: I take it that’s how you see it.

Lord Roderick: Oh stop.  I know what you’re trying to do, and it won’t work.

Ruth: What am I trying to do?

Lord Roderick: You’re trying to convince me that Claire was innocent of any wrongdoing and that she didn’t want to trick me into marriage.

Lady Roderick: You need to stop addressing me as Claire. 

Lord Roderick: Well, I certainly can’t call you Lady Roderick because I never wanted you to get that title to begin with.

Lady Roderick: Look here, pal, it’s now exactly a picnic for me either.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with you.  I had my hopes set on Lord Clement who struck me as a sweet hero, but then Ruth threw a wrench into those plans! 

Ruth: Because Lord Clement is going to marry someone else in book 2 of this series.

Lady Roderick: Why can’t he marry me?  It’d be the easiest solution.

Ruth: If I did that, then there’d be no plot for this book.

Lady Roderick: Sounds fine to me.

Lord Roderick: As long as you can snag an earl, what do you care?

Lady Roderick: Ruth, is there no rock we can shove him under?  I don’t mind being a widow and marrying Lord Clement for my happy ending.  There’s a good plot for you! 

Lord Roderick: Totally contrived.  Seriously, how many widows or widowers must Ruth write about?  An Unlikely Place for Love, A Husband for Margaret, Shotgun Groom, His Redeeming Bride, Bride of Second Chances, Brave Beginnings, A Chance In Time, Suddenly a Bride, and then she has plans to give widower Boaz Grady (who is in Mitch’s Win) a romance. 

Lady Roderick: And how many forced marriages has she done?  The Cold Wife, An Inconvenient Marriage, What Nathan Wants, With This Ring I Thee Dread, Meant To Be, Shotgun Groom.  Then she has plans for force marriages with book 3 in the Earl Series with that scuzzball Lord Edon. 

Lord Roderick: Don’t forget her plans for Not The Marrying Kind which is the rewrite of The Keeping of Greg Wilson.  And of course this book. 

Ruth: Come on, guys, this isn’t about my list of books.  This is about you two and your blooming romance.

Lord Roderick: *snorts* Blooming romance?  My book has the feel of a murder mystery instead of a romance. 

Lady Roderick: What are you implying?  That’ll you’re going to get rid of me?

Lord Roderick: Oh please!  I’d never kill anyone.  I’m just saying I need to make sure my bedchamber door is locked.  You’re so eager to marry Lord Clement, there’s no telling what you’ll do, esp. with how money hungry you are.

Lady Roderick: I will jump off a cliff if you insist on writing this book, Ruth.

Ruth: No you won’t, and this is not a murder mystery.  It’s a romance.  They will be no killing.

Lord Roderick: You’ve killed off characters before in many books.  There was Meredith in Bid for a Bride, what’s-his-name who was Sarah Donner’s first husband in His Redeeming Bride–

Lady Roderick: Jim.

Lord Roderick: Oh right.  That’s the wuss.  He went running off like a scared woman as soon as those men pulled out their guns.  Seriously, how pathetic.  A real man stands his ground and faces danger head on.  Much like I have to in this horror novel.

Lady Roderick: What in the world…?  I can’t believe it.  Look at how he’s portraying me!

Ruth: This is not a murder mystery, and it’s not a horror novel, Lord Roderick.  This is a ROMANCE novel.

Lord Roderick: That depends on perspective.  All I know is that I’ve been trapped into a marriage with a money-hungry, title-seeking shrew who wants to be a widow so she can run off with my friend, Lord Clement, and live happily ever after.

Lady Roderick: You have totally misconstrued everything.  I didn’t tell you to follow me onto the veranda, and when you followed me, you wouldn’t go away even though I told you to.  If anything, I’m the victim here!

Lord Roderick: The Stalker?  I was only trying to help you avoid a scandal, and you accuse me of stalking you?

Lady Roderick: I was minding my own business in the ballroom.  You made it a point to watch me so you knew when I left to get a breath of fresh air.  You bugged me, I asked you to leave me alone, you wouldn’t…  Yeah, I’d say you were stalking me.

Lord Roderick: Oh!  Give me a break!  I was only going to escort you inside and then I would have been on my way.  But no, this had to be one of those stupid forced marriage plots that Ruth loves to do.  Ruth, would it kill you to do something a little more original here?

Ruth: Yes, it would kill me.  You two have dictated how this story is going to go, and all I can do is let you have your way.  Lord Roderick, you would have been bored with Lady Catherine.  You might have gotten along with her well enough, but it would have been snooze city for the rest of your life, and you need more than getting an heir to make for a happy marriage.  And as for you Lady Roderick, Lord Clement is a good man and he’s got a good heart, but you need someone who isn’t going to be a pushover.  You need someone who can tell you no. 

Lady Roderick: A husband who tells me no?  So in other words, you want me to end up with a brute?

Ruth: What you need is a husband who can handle your strong personality.  Otherwise, how can you respect him?  Well, I’ll leave this interview here.  Don’t worry, you two lovebirds.  It’ll all work out in your non-murder mystery/non-horror novel.

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