Forever Yours: Dave and Mary’s 3rd (and final) Book and the Nebraska Series

Adjusting the Writing Schedule

Okay.  I got the plot, and since Eye of the Beholder and To Have and To Hold are fresh in my mind, I want to get this book written now.  Yes, this means I have to push back Mitch’s Win and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.  Just Good Friends is pretty set since it needs to be out in mid-to-late October.  So I’m going to push Just Good Friends to the top of the list in July no matter what is going on.

I have a feeling some of you are ready to kill me for pushing Mitch’s Win and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love (well, esp. Bound) back down the list.  I think everyone’s okay with Her Heart’s Desire at the bottom so I’ll let that be the book that goes on hold.  It’s a good place for it to be on hold anyway since I need to work out the whole “Rick’s parents aren’t happy he married so soon, esp. when they learn Sally ‘tricked’ him with her plan to win him over” part of the book. 

What I really need are more hours in the day to write.  LOL  I’ll never run out of ideas. 

The Nebraska Series Outlined 

I looked through the list of books in the Nebraska Series tonight to judge where to put Forever Yours (which is what I decided to call Dave and Mary’s 3rd book).  I decided to put it in the summer 1884.  So here’s what the Nebraska Series looks like at this moment:

  • Her Heart’s Desire (starts April 1866)
  • A Bride for Tom (starts September 1868)
  • A Husband for Margaret (starts April 1869)
  • Eye of the Beholder (starts April 1874)
  • The Husband List (starts October 1875?) – I am not close to starting this book, but it’s Vivian’s romance.  Vivian is Ethel Mae’s sister, and Ethel Mae is Sally’s friend in Her Heart’s Desire. 
  • The Wrong Husband (starts July 1876)
  • Shotgun Groom (starts December 1878)
  • To Have and To Hold (starts July 1880)
  • His Redeeming Bride (starts June 1882)
  • Forever Yours (I’m thinking starts June 1884): notes to self–Isaac was born Aug. 1875 so he is 8, almost 9; Rachel was born February 1879 so she is 5; Adam was born January 1882 so he is 2.  Jacob will be born in 1885.  I think I’ll have Mary conceive him in late 1884 so she won’t be pregnant when this book starts.  I don’t want the poor woman to deal with three children, an injured husband, and help in providing the family with an income while in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
  • Isaac’s Decision (starts 1893)

So that’s 11 books so far in the Nebraska Series, and I’m nowhere near being done.  Someone did ask me about Richard and Amanda’s book.  Richard, if anyone remembers since he rarely shows up, is the oldest brother in the Larson household.  I don’t have a good plot for the two, which is why I haven’t written their book.  Their book would take place in New York because they were already married when the family moved out west.  So would it even be a “Nebraska Series” book?  I’m thinking it would just because he’s part of the Larson family, and even though I am branching off to non-Larsons (like with Vivian who ends up with Hugh, much to her horror), the series still pretty much revolves around the Larsons.

So basically, I’m open to writing Richard’s book.  It’s just a matter of the right plot landing on my lap.  Same with Irving Spencer (from The Wrong Husband) and a few other characters who’ve popped up along the way.  I think I’ll have to bring Irving back or send him to Montana.  I have never been to Texas (and the one night in a hotel on the edge doesn’t count as true experience in being there), so I don’t want to write a book in Texas.  I try to stick with places I’ve been so I know the area well enough to put myself there.  And yes, I do realize Regencies put me at a disadvantage since I have never been to London, though I would love to check Europe out.  I don’t think it’ll ever happen. 

Anyway, at the moment I’m looking to write at least 30 books in the Nebraska Series.  I have Tom and Jessica’s kids, Margaret and Joseph’s kids, Dave and Mary’s kids…. Well, you get the idea.  I have a lot of characters to write stories with, and I will write them as the inspiration strikes.  I can’t do it in order (unfortunately) because either the plot works with a certain character or it doesn’t and I can’t force the characters to be ready.  So what I aim to do is make each book a separate unit while also weaving in subtle threads between the books to pull them all together.  I also like to overlap series.  I think Boaz (Mitch’s brother in Mitch’s Win) will end up with a Larson girl so Boaz is introduced in the Montana Series but then leaves for Omaha, and he needs to in order to get a new start.  The tricky part is does he take his children or leave them with Mitch?  I still haven’t decided that one yet, but back in the 1800s, he probably would have left them with Mitch.  (Boaz’s wife died in childbirth; that’s why he starts out as an alcoholic in Mitch’s Win and needs a new start.  It’s also why Mitch and their mother took the children in.)

But anyway, let me finally get to Forever Yours.

Yep, I made this off GIMP.  I keep experimenting with it from time to time.   

Don’t worry.  This cover is a mock up that I am thinking of giving to the cover artist I hired to give her an idea of what I’d like the cover to look like.  She’ll get this cover looking  a lot better than this, though I will say for those of you who saw my first attempts, this is an improvement.



For kicks, let me dig my original attempts out so we can all have a good laugh.  😛

Now, doesn’t all that bring back some good memories?   😉







Okay.  Enough laughing.  We’re about to discuss something that is going to bring Dave a lot of sorrow and insecurities.  Really, after all the stuff Mary’s been through, I thought it’d be nice to turn the tables and let Dave be the one with the internal conflict.

So here’s the plan:

Dave is out in the field, probably with Tom, when he falls off his horse.  In the process, he breaks a leg and acquires a few bruises.  He’s now unable to work, and Mary has pick up the pace doing something (I’m thinking sewing) to make some money while they pay for a farm hand to help with the outdoor stuff.  Dave’s going to be miserable and after a while, he’ll feel worthless and get impatient since he’s not healing as fast as he would like.  I’m thinking at one point, he’s going to be an idiot (yeah, I just called him an idiot, LOL) because he’ll ignore Joel’s advice and go out in bad weather to fix something instead of letting the farm hand take care of it.  This, of course, will give him a huge relapse.  So the poor guy’s going to be having trouble healing and will experience impotency on top of it.  Now, remember that Dave and Mary go on to have Jacob, Rose, Harriett, and Eli so this is a temporary problem.  But I thought it’d be fun to turn to the tables and let Dave be the one to question his worth for a change. 

I’ll stop rambling at this point because this post turned into a long one.  😀

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  1. kk0203 says:

    Richard and Amanda:
    Maybe they don’t fall in love until they move to Nebraska. There could be a secret she’s hiding – he marries her because she’s in trouble – fleeing New York. Maybe she’s already pregnant. . .

    • Hmm…That’s a pretty good idea. I have to do the math on when the Larsons moved to Nebraska and how old Richard and Amanda were at the time and if they had any kids yet. Thanks!

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