Odds and Ends

This is kind of an FAQ post but not really because they aren’t all questions I’ve recently been asked.  So here’s my odd and ends post….

1.  You don’t need to read the Nebraska Series in order.

Each book was written to stand alone.  The same is true for all of my other series except for the Native American Series.  So I suggest reading whatever book(s) interest you in the Nebraska Series.  The only books I could see possibly being better read in order are Eye of the Beholder, His Redeeming Bride and Isaac’s Decision since those have a common storyline underlying them.  When I wrote Eye of the Beholder, I knew Isaac would marry Emily.  That is why I made Isaac a boy.  I already knew Cassie would have Emily (a girl), and when I was trying to decide if Dave and Mary would have a boy or girl, I decided they’d have a boy so I could marry Isaac and Emily up.  A lot of people told me they felt the abduction part of Eye of the Beholder was unnecessary, but I had His Redeeming Bride and Isaac’s Decision in mind when I wrote the end to Eye of the Beholder (something people didn’t know). 

The same situation does not apply to the other Nebraska Series books.  I mean, I will bring in the same characters, and Dave and Mary will end up with a trilogy within the series once Forever Yours is done.  But all of those books can stand alone.   I am going to jump around in the timeline.  I have to write the books as they’re ready, and some are ready at different times in the series, if that makes sense.  I can’t force it.  I tried forcing it in the past and had a horrible time of it.  I can’t say I’m forcing Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, but I am having trouble connecting with the characters so I’ve slowed down in writing it.  I’d rather take longer and have the book be the best it can be instead of rushing it.  I’m still aiming for this summer to publish it, but we’ll see.

Anyway, another thought about the Nebraska Series…

2.  I can write Richard and Amanda’s book. 

I didn’t think I could, but I went back to the timeline to figure out when things happened for the characters.   Since Eye of the Beholder was the first book I wrote in the series, I use that as my reference point.  If I’m right (and I will go back and check), the Larsons moved to Nebraska in 1865.  In 1866, Richard and Amanda had the twins.  So this leaves some wiggle room I didn’t realize was there.  (I can see them not being in love if she’s pregnant but I want them in love when the children are born, and since they were in Nebraska a year before the children were born, this is possible to have them in Nebraska for their romance.)

Someone mentioned Richard and Amanda marrying out of convenience, rather than love.  I don’t think I ever stated they married for love in any of the past books I’ve done so this can be a doable (and even attractive) plot.  I love marriages that start out along a convenience plot….or a marriage where it’s forced.  So could Richard and Amanda leave New York to escape an unpleasant situation?  That’s very likely.  I’ll have to think about it.

3.  It looks like I need new covers for the Regencies.

The question came up of whether I’d do paperback versions, and I’ve read through the terms and conditions of the agreement with the company I got the pre-made covers from.  It sounds like I can’t put those covers on paperbacks.  I don’t know how many people want paperback versions of my books, but I’ve always made them.  They’re actually easier to make than the ebook version because formatting is a breeze compared to the requirements at Amazon and through Smashwords.   (I’ve been making paperbacks longer than ebooks, so that’s part of why it’s easier.) 

So I’ll be looking into other covers.  It might be for the best.  Pre-made covers can be used by anyone and might cause confusion in the long run.

4.  The proof copies for Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision came in, and they look good.

The question might arise at this point on why my paperbacks are on Amazon and nowhere else (unless you buy it used).  It all has to do with price.  On Amazon, I can keep paperbacks at $7.99, which is the same price publishers ask for romance novels.  But if I put them on other sites like Barnes & Noble, it would be about $10.99.  (Amazon would want their cut for distributing to B&N, and this does mean the book would be $10.99 on Amazon, too.)  Anyone out there want to pay the extra amount to get the paperback on B&N?  If so, I can make it happen.  I was staying just on Amazon to cut out the extra expense for those who wanted paperbacks.

As for bookstores and overseas, I’m sorry but I have no control over distribution beyond what CreateSpace (through Amazon) allows.  My books are not in physical bookstores.  I’m a self-published author, not one with a big publisher.  🙂 

As for Lulu, I have done some proofs through there and am not completely satisfied with the quality I see.  The books look more professional when they’re done through CreateSpace, and I do aim to be as professional as possible.  I want my paperbacks to look like the paperbacks you’ll find in bookstores.  That’s always been important to me.

5.  Can I do extra scenes on this blog? 

Scenes I mean are stuff that didn’t show up in books, like when John and Eliza (from Loving Eliza) found Brian all by himself and took him home.  So these are things that never made it in the book but might be of interest.

I have tried several times to do these kinds of posts, and each time the story wants to expand.   Whenever I do a short story, it wants to be a novella but then that novella wants to be a novel.  My average is 70,000 words.  I don’t think I can successfully write a short story.  I’ve attempted it and most people weren’t happy with the results (when I thought I did succeed).  They always want it to be longer.  That’s not a bad problem to have.  But it also means I am not a short story writer.

So I can’t.  I tried to make those posts, but each time, it didn’t work.

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8 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Thanks this helped me a lot now I can start reading more of your books since I don’t have to read them in order!!!

    • I’m going to go on my website and make a note on this blog that my books don’t have to be read in order. I think the only series where it’s better read the books in order is the Native American one because of the twist I made in book 1. 😀

  2. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, I’ve started “Isaac’s Decision” and once again, I’m hooked. Also, Every other week or so, I log on to “Bargain Books for your Nook”, and found the listing for my three novellas. http://bargainbooksforyournook.com/?s=Paula+Freda THANK YOU!
    A few days ago I received my 1099 form from Amazon Kindle. Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Smashwords[ 1099 forms are available through https://1099fire.sharefile.com/. Check your e-mails. Smashwords 2012 tax 1099 form, if I’m reading this right, is only available through the above e-mail..Below is Mark Coker’s latest message regarding the form. By the way, I did first investigate this information before opening the e-mail as the way they worded the subject line, I almost deleted it without opening it. I thought it was phishing or spam mail. When I read in the Smashwords update that it was an honest e-mail, I opened it, created a password, and followed directions, and was able to print out my Smashwords 1099 tax form to submit when filing my income taxes. Hope this helps in case you’re still waiting for your for your Smashwords earnings tax form 1099: Here is the update:
    Mark Coker wrote: “1099 tax forms went out today via email to all US authors/publishers who received over $10 in payments. Since we don’t do withholdings for US authors/publishers, the amount in your form will match the payments you received from us in 2011. You’ll receive an email with a subject line of “ShareFile Login Information” with instructions on how to view and print out the 1099. Unfortunately, our service provider used an incorrect subject line and body text, so as a result it has caused some authors to express concern about the legitimacy of the emails. Yes, it’s a trusted service. It’s the same service we used last year, though last year these forms were sent out via snail mail, and only to people who earned over $600. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. The emails they sent out were ugly, embarassing and confusing. We will develop our own solution for these next year. 1042 forms will go out in the next couple weeks for authors/publishers outside the U.S.”

    • I’m glad the post for your books went up. I know Rose had you scheduled in but didn’t know when. In April, she and I will start looking for books instead of taking submissions. It’s a long story but it has to be done. I have a reserved copy for you with Shotgun Groom. I plan to order some next week.

      As for Smashwords, I never go that email. I’ve checked the trash and my spam folder and my inbox, but it’s not there. When did you get yours? One author I talked to said she got it Thursday morning. I’m wondering if they sent it all out at the same time or started sending them out and are still doing it. I know they have a lot of authors to send those forms to. But worse comes to worse, I have the amounts I earned in 2011 in my book to report to the IRS.

      • dorothypaula says:

        This past Thursday sounds like the day I received the e-mail . If you go to that site I mentioned https://1099fire.sharefile.com/ and create your password, you can access and print out your 1099 form yourself. I believe they require the e-mail associated with your smashwords account. Hope this helps.

        I look forward to the paperbacks of your books. Message me how much to send you. 🙂

  3. kk0203 says:

    Richard and Amanda:
    Oh, my goodness twins. . . Maybe the kids ARE his, but he questions his being the father because Amanda gets so big, so fast.

    • Yeah, I had them with the twins way back with Eye of the Beholder. I didn’t plan to write any books based off the characters back then. Eye of the Beholder was supposed to be all by itself, not lead into a series that it’s become today. LOL What I might do is have Amanda be pregnant when he marries her but she loses the child or something. But it’s still too early to tell. The characters might change the whole thing on me when I least expect it. My characters are known to do that. 😀

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