New Cover and Title for First Regency Book

I decided to go ahead with new covers on the Regency series.   I don’t want to risk breaking the terms and conditions, just in case.  So to err on the side of caution, I made my own cover tonight from GIMP.  I think this cover actually turned out decently.  All of my other covers have been such a bust up to this point.  When people email you to beg you not to use a cover, you know it sucks.  LOL  I think this one will pass the test.  It’s taken me half a year, but I think I finally have figured out GIMP. 

So here is the old cover and old title:

I thought the title was a little too long, so I shortened it to An Inconvenient Wife.  I then decided to label this series as the Wedded Earls Series.  I’d like to branch out and do another Regency Series, so I thought I’d focus on a particular title in the nobility line for each series but keep the “Wedded” part.  So I’m working on Wedded Earls.  Next I think I’ll do Wedded Dukes.  We’ll see how things play out after that.

So here’s the new cover:

It took an hour to do, and I put two pictures together.  I will be working on changing the Hasty Marriage book tomorrow.  I might change that title as well or I might keep it.  I haven’t decided yet, but I will remove “The Earl’s” from the title to shorten it up.

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13 Responses to New Cover and Title for First Regency Book

  1. Juli Hoffman says:

    I like the cover that you made up!!! 🙂 The font is easy to read. I think it pops from the page a little better than in the first one, with the exception of the “A” on the Ann. It got a little lost on the woman’s knuckle. Your cover came out very clean looking. The woman’s dark dress is a nice backdrop for the lettering. I know regency book usual sport busy covers, but I’m not a fan of “busy.” Above all else, you need to be able to read the title when the pretty cover gets shrunk down into a teeny, tiny thumbnail. Both covers are professional looking, but the one you made up will be easier to read in the size that it will be shown in on Amazon and Smashwords. Great job!

    • Thanks! I agree about liking to see the title on a book when it’s a thumbnail. I think I’ll start using this format (a person up front with a simple background). I kept trying to make complicated covers with GIMP and they never turned out right. I don’t know why “Keep It Simple Stupid” never dawned on me before. I mean, I used one image for all of my past covers that I made for myself because I didn’t know how to combine two pictures, and I knew to keep those simple (though I didn’t in the beginning; I’ve changed covers many times). But for GIMP, I’ve learned it’s much better to keep it simple.

      What I did was pull up the picture of the woman since she’s vertical. Then I copied the horizontal background and pasted it onto the picture of the woman and resized it so it filled the whole cover area. (This was so that it was the right size for an ebook cover.) Then I pulled up another picture of the woman, copied it and pasted it on to the background. From there, I erased everything but her using the eraser tool. Most of my time was spent increasing the view so I could get the area around her earrings and hair erased. That is what took an hour. But then I added the text and that was it. Oh, I did add a Glaussian blur (but a small amount; .5 I think). The sad thing was that it took me six or so months to figure that process out. All of this time, I’d been doing the cut from one picture and put it into another one, and that never looked natural.

      Oh, I tried to figure out if I could get the A in Ann to look better, but it seemed no matter what the font and size, it stuck there. I noticed it seemed to vanish on her finger too. LOL

      • Juli Hoffman says:

        I appreciate you sharing the “how to” part of the cover making process. 🙂 I’ve played around with GIMP, but I need to sit down with a few more tutorials. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Gesh! 🙂

        • GIMP (and other programs) where I have to do things from scratch always take me at least six months before I’m comfortable with it and get something I can show the public. Well, I did show my earlier attempts with GIMP, which are laughable at best. When people email you and beg you not to use what you made, you know you’re in trouble. LOL

          Today I need to add more to the BookCoverPro tutorial I started. What’s taking me so long is that I break it down into each step with pictures. It’s not hard, but I get a headache when I do things like this. 😀

  2. I love the new cover. It seems more in keeping with your other covers. It’s elegant and beautiful. Again, I love it!

    • True. I didn’t think of how it compared with my other covers, but that is a good point. I think I’ll start using this format (with the woman or man upfront with a background image) in my other books from now on. The process is much easier than the fancier stuff I was trying to do. And thanks!

  3. I truly like this one better. I love it when you cant see the peoples faces. It leaves it better to the imagination of what they look like. :0)

  4. Absolutely LOVE the new cover. Much more intriguing than the old one. – Shelley

  5. Kesia Saenz says:

    I absolutely love the new cover…..You did a great job on it. I really like it better than the old one…. It just has a more realistic feel to it… ❤ Awesome Job!!!

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