Putting An Inconvenient Wife on Hold for an Undetermined Amount of Time

I realize I’m going to upset a lot of people, but I can’t publish this book as is.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but something is wrong with it.  The first half is great.  I love how it flows and the interaction between all of the characters.


The second half bothers me.  Something doesn’t feel right about it, and I’m so close to the book that I’m unable to see exactly what is wrong.  😦  I know.  It sucks.  But I can’t publish a book I don’t believe is my best work.  It’s not fair to me, and it’s not fair to all of you. 

So I’m going to put this book aside.  I don’t know how long it’ll be until I can go back to it.  I’m going to wait until I figure out where I went wrong and how I can correct it. 

In the meantime, I’m going to start Her Counterfeit Husband, put the widget for An Inconvenient Wife at the bottom of the list, and finish up Her Heart’s Desire.

I have no idea when I’ll be ready to work on An Inconvenient Wife again, but I already know I’m going to throw out the second half of the book and start over.

I’m really sorry.

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9 Responses to Putting An Inconvenient Wife on Hold for an Undetermined Amount of Time

  1. Ruth, you have to do what’s right for you, I know an author that completely hid from the internet because people kept bugging her to death about when her next book would be published. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you. Yeah, some of us might be disappointed, but if the book isn’t right, then it’s not ready to be published. Go with your gut feeling and your heart.

    • I find myself doing less and less online. It’s hard to keep up with everything on the internet while you’re trying to focus on your stories. I really should have stopped writing An Inconvenient Wife as soon as I felt the story was going in the wrong direction. I thought I could push through it and end up with something I loved, but deep down, I know it’s not the way it should be and it’ll bug me to no end if I publish it. I’ll want to go back to it and rewrite it in the future. So why go through that grief and put it on hold now and write it again when I can be 100% excited about it? I’ve also been learning that I need to take breaks if I’m tired and that I shouldn’t work on anything that’s not ready to write.

  2. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, not to worry. I agree with you that distancing yourself from the book will give you a new perspective when you finally return to it, and you will be able to figure out what you think is wrong with it. You have several other books ready or almost ready for your readers. You are one of the top sellers at Smashwords, with Amazon not far behind. Concentrate on what you enjoy writing and feels right. You can’t force a story, and if you are not happy with it, we probably won’t be either. It’s your enthusiasm and connection to your story plot and characters that transmits to us and grabs our interest so that we can live the adventure and romance vicariously through your wonderful stories.

    • The light clicked on when I was with a writer friend today. We meet about once a month to discuss our books, help each other with scenes giving us problems, and work on book descriptions. As I was explaining An Inconvenient Wife to her, I realized I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. It felt like I was settling for it, which wasn’t what I wanted. I then explained Her Heart’s Desire and felt that excitement, and you know I got stuck a couple months ago in Her Heart’s Desire. The only difference is that I put Her Heart’s Desire on hold until I figured out what I should do, and it came to me in about three months out of the blue. With Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, I’ve gone slower than usual on it because I want to make sure it’s connecting up the other two books and keeps on course in the right direction.

      What I might be learning is that taking it slow and working on other books in the meantime might be the best thing I can do. I’ve also been taking some days off from writing and have finally gotten on a schedule where I sleep more at night. These are common sense things, but it’s easy to throw common sense out the window when you get caught up in the excitement of writing a book. 😀

  3. lynelleclark says:

    That is a pity but I do understand.

  4. It is always better to do what you think is right for the book then publish it just because. You’ll like the book better. 😀 Good luck on An Inconvenient Wife.

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