Trying a New Method of Writing Books

After this whole thing with An Inconvenient Wife happened, I was thinking that I might do well to modify my writing method.  Up to this point, I’d been trying to meet daily word counts for a specific book.  For example, An Inconvenient Wife had been 1000 words a day, Her Heart’s Desire had been 500 words a day and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love had been 500 words a day.  I seem to do well at writing 2000 words a day.  What I do is set aside a half hour to write 500 words, and as long as I stay off the internet and avoid the TV, I’m able to do this.  So really, this is two hours out of my day, which isn’t much.  If I’m having a busy day (aka real life interferes) or have to do something else writing related (like attend a writing conference or work on edits), then I might not make my daily word count.

So I was thinking that if I can average 2000 words a day, then in a given month, then I can still make progress.  The key is that I won’t be forcing myself to meet a word count on one particular book, like I have been doing.  Had I put An Inconvenient Wife on hold instead of trying to work through it so I could meet my word count goal for that book, I would have avoided the mess I just got in. 

So this means I can’t have estimated publishing months anymore because I honestly don’t know when the books will be ready.  I’m putting all of my books except for Her Heart’s Desire into “first draft” mode and will keep updating the word counts for each book.  This way, you can see my progress as I work on each book.  Once I finish a first draft, I can then estimate when the book will be available since at that point, it’s editing and proofing.

I have also added a word counter for the month of April to track my daily word count progress.  Since today is April 11, I’m starting it today, and if I manage to write 2000 words (on average) a day, then I’ll write 40,000 words this month.  When May comes, I’ll have a goal of 62,000 words.  I might not make the full word count, but I like seeing progress as I go along, so it’s there to keep me motivated and it helps to have this in front of everyone so I stay focused.  😀

Below is a list of books I have on “first draft” status right now.  I’ll probably add more books as I finish others.

1.  Her Heart’s Desire

I’m just under two weeks away from being done with this one and I know where I’m going, so it’s safe to say 1000 words a day can be done for this one.  I’ll reserve 1000 words a day for it.  And I can safely say that the end of May to early June is when it’ll be published.

2.  An Inconvenient Wife

I haven’t given up on this one.  I saved chapters 1-7 and tossed everything else out because I love chapters 1-7.  I’m going to rewrite the rest of it.

3.  Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

Still working on it, but I admit this one is slow going.  I’m trying to make sure I get all the loose ends tied up since it’s connected with three other books (Restoring Hope, Brave Beginnings, and A Chance in Time).

4.  Mitch’s Win

This is one I had to put on hold because I didn’t know where to go with it.  I think something is starting to come to me on where to proceed with the plot.  This book also has a great start, and I don’t want to ruin it by forcing the middle and ending.

5.  Her Counterfeit Husband

I started this one yesterday after I got depressed about An Inconvenient Wife.  I didn’t write much in it, but I felt a lot better and was able to go on to write 1000 words in Her Heart’s Desire.

6.  Forever Yours

I have it there if I want to write in it. 

7.  Just Good Friends

From time to time, something comes to me on this one.  I’m not going to worry about getting it out for October.  When this book is ready, I’m going to publish it.  And if that’s in the middle of the year instead of around the holiday season, then so be it.

8.  Runaway Bride

I haven’t started it yet, but I have it up to work on any time the urge strikes.

So those are my list of books that I have up to write, and whether I write 100 words or all 2000 in one, I’m hoping to average 2000 words a day.  If I end up averaging less, I’ll modify my daily word count goal in the future.  😀

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4 Responses to Trying a New Method of Writing Books

  1. It sounds like a good plan, Ruth. If I was writing full time, I have no idea how I would handle things. I like the idea of a total word count rather than a certain word count per book. Sometimes you might be in the mood to write one book more than another one on any given day.

    • I find that my moods switch often on what book I want to write each day, so we’ll see if this method works. If I spread myself too thin, I won’t make sufficient progress in a decent amount of time, but I also know word counts add up in books so maybe on my off days, I can write in the other books to the point where I can focus on them when they have 10,000 or so words already done.

      I was lucky. My husband worked and supported us so I didn’t have to separate time out between a job and writing. I will say the focus switching to me being the bread winner also puts a lot of stress to get another book out. I’m afraid I’ll let the stress get to me so I won’t do my best work. This almost happened with this book.

  2. Camille LaGuire says:

    I find I have to change up the method from time to time. But I really do like the daily word count, any project method a lot. It’s easy enough to shift emphasis to one project if it really needs it.

    • I might also have to switch methods. It wasn’t until last September I got serious about setting up a routine and using a method to get me there. Someone told me about the 500 words per half hour method, and that is how I got started on the idea. I will say some days are easier than others, but it is freeing to know I can do another book if the others aren’t working. I don’t know if the 2000 words a day is a realistic goal though. So far, I seem to be getting between 1000 to 1500 words in. 😀

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