Owen Interviews Suspect #6: Dave Larson

Dave Larson: Suspect #6 in who kidnapped Dave Larson.

Owen Russell: While I can’t interview Dave, he is a suspect in his kidnapping.  Why?  There’s plenty of motive.  He’s felt as if his author wouldn’t listen to him during the writing of Isaac’s Decision.  Only an airhead character created by another author came out in support of his Characters for Better Treatment Union.  He was told his third book would involve a subplot that disturbed him greatly.  Perhaps one of these events wouldn’t have pushed him over the edge, but all of them together probably snowballed until he snapped.  I’m not saying it happened this way, but it’s a possibility worth considering. 

Ruth Ann Nordin: Can I please leave prison so I can edit books featuring characters who actually appreciate me?  All this hold up has delayed me in doing my work. 

Owen: That’s what happens when you break into someone’s house like a lunatic.

Ruth: You and Joseph Connealy are so misleading.  You two made it sound like you sent me back home, but you never did.  I’m going to the judge on this one.  I’m going to sue you for pain and suffering.

Owen: I was going to send you back to your home until you escaped right before I could take you through the rip in time conveniently located at the mercantile.  Whoever heard of a portal in a store?  *rolls eyes*  But you wouldn’t quietly go back home.  You escaped and ran right back to Dave’s place where I found you hiding in a haystack.

Ruth: I was napping.  It was a long and stressful day for me.  Plus, I don’t get much sleep at home with four kids and a husband who always want something.

Joel: Oh, let her go.  She didn’t do it.  If anyone did it besides Dave, it was Mary.  You know what they say: it’s always the quiet ones.

Mary: What are you saying, Joel?  That I’m dangerous because I’m quiet?

Joel: I’m just saying that out of everyone who was interviewed, you were the most agreeable suspect.  You even sprung a few fake tears to gain sympathy.

Mary: And what would I have gained by having Dave gone while the farm needed tending to?  Don’t you think my children miss him and ask him where he’s at?  If anyone did it, it was you, Joel.  You wanted to remove Dave because he annoyed you.

Joel: *scoffs* Puhleeze.  If I was going to get rid of anyone, it would be Tom.

Tom: What are you bringing me into this for? 

Joel: I don’t know.  It’s just what I do.

Tom: I’m not even a suspect. 

Joel: That’s not the point.  The point is, if I were to kidnap anyone, I’d kidnap you.

Tom: I think Kyala did it.

Kyala: Me? 

Tom: You had the perfect motive.  You wanted Dave all to yourself and knew Mary would never allow you to have him.  So  you waited for him in the barn and seduced him with your musical pipe to follow you to your island full of trees where you tied him up and have been breaking down his will in hopes he’ll stay with you for ten years until he comes to his senses and returns to Mary, and Mary will demand why it took him twenty years to return from the war at Troy.

Richard: Uh, Tom, you’re confusing the Pied Piper with the Greek mythical sirens and the book Ulysses. 

Kyala: I like the way you think, Tom.  Say, you’re kinda cute in a goofy sort of way.

Tom: *blushes* Oh, thanks.

Joel: Leave it to Tom to think “goofy kinda way” is a compliment.

Mary: I wouldn’t be too quick to accept the compliment, Tom.  Kyala wants to be with every man she sees.

Kyala: I didn’t take your husband, Mary, so back off.  All I wanted to do was help with the union.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted.  My mind isn’t always on sex, despite what people think about nymphs.

Richard: There’s no need for a union, and really, the only reason Dave wanted to get the union going was to promote his agenda.  It had nothing to do with the rest of us.  When Joel was forced to marry April against his will in Shotgun Groom, Dave didn’t care.  When Ruth had Tom make a complete fool of himself in front of all the readers in A Bride for Tom, Dave didn’t care.  When Sally was tricking Rick into spending time with her, Dave didn’t care.  When Jenny married the wrong man in The Wrong Husband, Dave didn’t care.  Dave didn’t say a single word of protest until Isaac married Emily.  After that, he wouldn’t shut up.

Joel: That’s true.  We didn’t hear anything from him until Isaac’s Decision popped up.  Until then, he didn’t argue with Ruth on this blog.  And if someone didn’t stop him from the whole union thing, Richard would never have his book.

Richard: Are you saying I did it?

Joel: No.

Kyala: It sounded like it to me.  I saw Richard go out to Mary’s house the evening Dave disappeared.  It was about 9pm, if I recall.

Owen: Hmm…  Why didn’t you tell me this sooner, Richard?

Richard: It was nothing.  I just going to ask Dave to bump back his book so mine could be written.

Owen: That’s still something you should have told me.

Richard: I didn’t think about it.  Kyala, what were you doing at Dave’s place so late?

Kyala: I always do my best work at night. 

Ruth: As fun as this is, I’m going home.  The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife and Her Heart’s Desire won’t edit themselves.  Get me out of here, Owen.

Owen: *sighs* Alright, but if I catch you at Dave’s property one more time, I’m arresting you for trespassing and you’ll have to go before Judge Johnson.

Ruth: Oooh.  I’m so scared.  *rolls eyes* 

Owen: You should be. 

Ruth: Owen, you’re as scary as a teddy bear.  I’m out of here. *leaves*

Tom: Well, I think I saw a teddy bear that went around killing people in a You Tube video once. 

Joel: I think you’re thinking of Chucky, the killer doll.

Richard: Good grief, Tom.  You’re getting everything mixed up tonight. 

Joel: Now you know why I have to give him so much grief.  He makes it too easy.

Kyala: Hey, guys.  There’s a terrific party in the forest where my friends hang out?  Want to come along?

Mary: I refuse to go anywhere with you.

Kyala: I wasn’t asking you.  I was asking all these cute men.  *winks at them*

Owen: I have to stick around in case Ruth runs back to Dave’s place.

Richard: I need to draft up some more scenes for her to use in my book.

Joel: I have to see if Doctor Adams needs my help.

Tom: Is this a birthday party with lots of cake, presents, and fun games like musical chairs?

Kyala: Not exactly, though we do have lots of music.

Joel: Oh brother, Tom.  It’s no wonder why yours is the only G-rated book in the Nebraska Romance Collection.  She’s a nymph.  Nymphs like sex.  A lot.

Richard: Don’t waste your breath, Joel.  He still doesn’t understand what Sally and Jenny were talking about right after Irving Spencer arrived and Owen was in jail.  The rest of us understood the secret message Sally and Jenny were giving each other right there in the kitchen.

Joel: True.  He’s hopeless.  

Owen: It’s time we ended this post.  We’re hitting 1300 words.

Joel: I didn’t realize we were being timed.  Fine, fine.  We’re out of here. 

Owen: Tomorrow through Sunday, everyone will get a chance to say who they think kidnapped Dave Larson.  😀

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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