Who Kidnapped Dave Larson? Guess Who Did It!

It’s time to decide who kidnapped Dave Larson!  I’ll link to each interview so you can read through them if you want.  I’ll also give you a hint: the person who kidnapped him had help so you have two chances to get the right person.


When the Winner Will Be Chosen

On Sunday, I will do a post announcing the kidnapper and the person who helped.  I will have my husband draw the winner out of a hat.  I’ll try to get him to do it on video, but I don’t know if he’ll do it or not.  If not, I’ll go to random.org and get the winner that way.  If I do random.org, I’ll post the picture of the winner.


The Winner Gets These Paperbacks:

Books from me (all of these are the Nebraska books I have out right now, and those are historical westerns):

From Rose Gordon:

  From Stephannie Beman

From Janet Syas Nitsick

*All books are rated R for sexual content except for A Bride for Tom by me and Lockets and Lanterns by Janet Syas Nitsick.


Leave a Comment Below OR Email Me

Please leave a comment below.  I need to be able to get in touch with you, so please leave one of the following so I can contact you if you win: an email address, Facebook profile page link (so I can message you), OR your Twitter profile (so I can message you).

I will not collect email addresses or use your Facebook or Twitter pages to spam you.  I hate spam, so I never do it.  Once the winner is announced on Sunday, I will delete all comments so your email address, Facebook page, and/or Twitter profile link is removed.  That way, I hope to protect your privacy. 

Another option is for you to email me at ruth.nordin@aol.com.  Put “Giveaway” or “Contest” in the subject line so I know it’s for this post.

Good luck!  And if you don’t win this one, don’t worry.  I’ll be doing another giveaway this summer with more paperbacks.  😀


Now for the List of Suspects

Ruth Ann Nordin: read the interview

Joel Larson: read the interview

Mary Larson: read the interview

Kyala: read the interview

Richard Larson: read the interview

Dave Larson: read the interview

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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17 Responses to Who Kidnapped Dave Larson? Guess Who Did It!

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  2. dorothypaula says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. Ruth, you must have had something to do with his kidnapping. So my comment is that the kidnapping was engineered by Dave himself with your help.
    Lotsa hugs.:-)

  3. Judy DV says:

    I’m starting to think it’s Mary and you Ruth. The two who seem most innocent are probably guilty. You to get Dave out of your hair and Mary to keep Kyala away from him.

  4. bpratt818 says:

    This is really hard…it could be anyone but here goes…

    I think Dave kidnapped himself with Richard’s help. Richard agreed to keep the farm running plus he figured this would give him some exposure before his story comes out. Now Dave is sitting back…missing Mary…while trying to prove a point. Ruth, Dave might be trying to frame you….

  5. I still think Dave kidnapped himself. Mary probably helped. 🙂


  6. Chris Jardin says:

    Fun, Hope I win!!!!

  7. Dave with Richard’s encouragement

  8. Karen Miller says:

    Richard with Kyala’s help


  9. Chris Jardin says:

    Richard, he is very focused on having his story written.

  10. lisalouise9 says:

    okay I’m going to say it was you Ruth and Richard =)
    can’t wait to find out who did it =)

  11. It was Richard and Mary. I still want to say it was Ruth but, I am going to stick with Richard and Mary

  12. Kesia Saenz says:

    Okay I’m thinking it’s Joel and Kyala…… or Dave and Ruth…… so hard to decide…. I’m gonna say it was for sure Dave with help from Joel…..it just seems like Joel to do something like that…. let me know…..kesluvnick@yahoo.com

  13. lynelleclark says:

    Kyala seems like the guilty one. No clear answers from her 🙂
    Love the blog

  14. I believe Dave “kidnapped” himself. His helper was Richard or Kyala.
    I say Dave did it because he wanted a publicity stunt. If that’s not why, then he did it to piss you off, Ruth.

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