1.  Will be backed up with emails until some time next week.

So I was on vacation from last Thursday to yesterday (Tuesday) because of Memorial Day weekend, and when I returned home, I saw my inbox and fainted.  Then I got scared and hopped out of my email.  LOL  So yes, I am aware that I have a huge list of emails to tackle. 

But the problem is that I won’t be able to tackle most emails until next week, and I suspect it’ll take almost the entire week to get caught up.  Why next week?  Well, this weekend I’ll be at A Taste Of Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska with my friend Janet Syas Nitsick (a fellow author), and we’ll be doing a booksigning at the same table.  I don’t know if anyone happens to be going to this event, but if you are, I’d love to meet you.  😀 

This event spans all the way from Friday to Sunday and will require me to be gone from the computer all day, whether I’m setting stuff up, greeting people, or cleaning up.  And tomorrow (Thursday), I’ll be getting my hair colored so I don’t look like a grandmother.  (I have white hair, and if I don’t color it, people assume I’m a grandmother.) After that, Janet and I will drive up to Omaha to make sure we know where this weekend event takes place.

2.  I will be at A Taste of Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend!

I don’t know if anyone reading this plans to be there, but if you are, look for two women who are selling books.  Janet Syas Nitsick has this big Lockets and Lanterns poster (so that will probably be the most noticeable thing you’ll see as you scan the tables).  I’ll have red flowers in a vase with a couple of my books on display on my side of the table.  We’re sharing the same table, so if you see her poster, I’m right there with her. 

Anyway, I’d love to say hi and if you mention you read this post, I’ll sign a paperback and give it to you as a gift.  I can’t bring all 26 of my paperbacks along, but I am planning to bring a couple of Larson and the South Dakota series books.  I will also take a couple of contemporaries.  I don’t have the Regency in paperback form yet.  But if you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet you!  😀

3.  Working on three books.

While on vacation, I managed to get some nice progress on Her Counterfeit Husband, Mitch’s Win, and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.  I am now in chapter 5 for Her Counterfeit Husband and am at chapter 10 for both Mitch’s Win and Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.

However, my husband and I have decided to move from Nebraska to Minnesota, and we want to do it before the kids start school this fall (which is in mid-August).   The most challenging goal is to set up services for our deaf child.  So this means I probably won’t make as much progress on the books as I usually would.  However, I will say the place we are buying in Minnesota is in the country and reminds me of how things must have looked when Dave and Mary looked at their land, so it’s pretty inspiring to have a setting like that when writing historical westerns.

4.  Will be working on a couple of blog posts.

Tonight, I’m going to make my first post for the court hearing in the giveaway I’m doing now, and if I do any posting this weekend, it’ll be for that.  And I just remembered the newsletter blog I need to update.  I almost forgot that one.  😛

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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4 Responses to Updates

  1. I hope you enjoyed your vacation! I’m still on my vacation. 🙂

    Good luck with the book signing!

  2. lynelleclark says:

    That is good to get away. But it must be then where Dave got that horrible photo from 🙂 Good luck with the move, just went trough it my self.

    • I’ll be glad when the move is over. The two biggest sources of stress are getting the kids enrolled in the new school (esp. since one is deaf) and selling the house we already have. I don’t want to sit on a mortgage payment while I’m living elsewhere.

      LOL Dave is horrible, isn’t he? Digging up a photo that makes me look like a raving lunatic. What a baffoon.

      I hope your move went smoothly and you’re all settled in now. 😀

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