3rd Generation Larsons

I’m getting the page started for the 3rd generation timeline for the Larsons.  This timeline page is incomplete.

Anthony (Tony) Larson – Velma (Murdoch) Larson

They had eight children, and since I couldn’t make the lines work, I’m just listing the kids out.

  • Ned (08/1888)
  • Sean (10/1890)
  • Tilly  (03/1893)
  • Flint (01/1895)
  • Lea (03/1898)
  • Garnet (11/1900)
  • Walt (12/1903)
  • Roxie (04/1905)


Mark Larson – Natalie (Harper) Larson




Earl & Raymond (1889)


Val Jefferson – Nelly (Larson) Jefferson



                                           |                                    |                                    |

Ethan (1895)                Jimmy (1898)             Charlie (1901)


Isaac Larson – Emily (Craftsman) Larson



                                      |                  |                   |                       |                  |

                                  Esther          Lisa               Jerry            Amos         John

                            (Nov. 5 1893)     (1895)           (1898)          (1901)       (1903)


 Herb Allen – Rachel (Larson) Allen



|                                             |

Edna (1898)                             Gina (1903)


Stan Craftsman – Harriett (Larson) Craftsman



|                            |                                |                              |

Maggie (1905)      Leah (1909)             Zach (1912)         Michael (1915)


Kent Ashton – Rose (Larson) Ashton)



|                                   |

                                                Theodore (1909)              Doris (1912)

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  1. This is really neat how you do your timeline. I guess it would be hard to keep up with three generations if you didn’t have something like this to go by. You’ll be writing forever with all these ideas you have!

    • I started doing a timeline because readers wanted to know who was who and who had which kids. LOL It was a huge pain in the butt when I first started it because I had to go through about five published books and dig out dates and names. But now I am glad I did it because all I have to do is add a couple of things to it when I write a new book. I just started a bare bones outline for the Regency books. I don’t plan to do a family tree off of them, but I do need to keep everyone straight and the dates things happened. I still have a long ways to go to get it right, though. 😀

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