Her Counterfeit Husband is now up on Amazon!

I am waiting for it to go live on B&N and Smashwords.  I’ll let everyone know when it goes up on B&N and Smashwords.  From there, it’ll go through Smashwords distribution to get to Kobo, Sony, Diesel, iTunes, and a few libraries.

Check it out on Kindle

And here’s the direct link if you want to copy and paste it: http://www.amazon.com/Her-Counterfeit-Husband-ebook/dp/B00962GE4E/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1346846925&sr=1-2&keywords=her+counterfeit+husband

For those of you who won the giveaway and requested your free copy on your Kindle, I’ll be sending those out this morning.

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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21 Responses to Her Counterfeit Husband is now up on Amazon!

  1. Anya Kelleye says:

    Yay! I got my free book! Thank you so much, Ruth! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Heading over there to get it now!

  3. Jennifer Kominczak says:

    I’m going now!!!!! Whhoooppppeeee!!!!


  4. irishmary24 says:

    I bought it this morning! I’m going to try to hold off reading it until vacation next week (Ireland!),but I won’t promise anything!

    • LOL

      How long will you be in Ireland? I’m curious, is Ireland a lot like the United States or is it different? I’ve only been to Canada, and it was comparable to here, but I’ve always wondered about Europe. I hope you have a great trip!

      • irishmary24 says:

        I went to Ireland and Scotland with my husband Tom for our 21st wedding anniversary in 2001. Yes, I was back at my job the 2nd day when 9/11 happened. Tom was on business in New York, my Mom, who lived with us then, was on a trip to Branson with her sisters when it happened. I freaked completely out. They were physically fine. And that trip was our last BIG trip. We had some other small ones, as toward the end of his life, I went with him on his business trips. I never thought I’d go again, but my brothers Mark and Paul and their wives want me to go with them on this trip, so Here I am!!! I have loaded my Kindle with some fab books— wish your others were available now, too, Ruth! You are by far my favorite author. I guess I just click with your humor and wit and empathy, etc, etc!! I met you on Smashwords, so I should have probably bought it there– may still do so. Thanks for all you do. I’ve said before how wonderful it is for the Reader to track your progress as you write your stories, but I’ll say it again! It’s a great ride, seeing it all come together! I’m in awe of creative writers, like you, and all you do! Thank you, Ruth! (I’m still trying to keep myself from reading it til vacation time— it’s HARD)

        • Wow on coming back so close to 9/11 and even more scary is that you knew people in the area when it happened. That would be scary. At the time we were living on base, and I heard about the World Trade Center on the radio when I got in my car. I thought it was a movie trailer until I went to the hospital (on the base) and saw all the security forces in action. My dad was in the emergency room that day, and though he was civilian, he worked on the base so they put him in that hospital for the day. It’s amazing how you remember with clarity what happened on that day, isn’t it?

          I’m glad you and your family was safe that day!

          It sounds like you have a fun trip coming up, and I’ll pray for safe travel. Is your email that you use for WordPress a good way to reach you? If you don’t mind reading the still-being-edited version of Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, I can send you a pdf for it. If you have calibre or another mobi creator program (not sure what else is out there), you can convert it to a mobi file and upload it to your Kindle. With a Mobi file, at least you can resize the text. The only thing I don’t like about pdfs on my Kindle is that I can’t adjust the text size, but I have an early Kindle. Maybe Kindle Fire has made pdfs easier to read. But if you have an early version like me, they aren’t easy. 😀

          I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement you’ve given me along the way. There were a couple of times when I wanted to quit, and you’d come along and say something to keep me going. I didn’t let everyone know when these times were happening, but your timing was great. 😀 Thanks for everything.

          • irishmary24 says:

            Yes, My e-mail here is my regular e-mail address. Nothing happens by chance. I’m glad my e-mails were encouraging to you at the right times. I give God the glory for that. You were meant to do what you do!!! If I get a chance to WiFi it on holiday, I’ll look forward to glimpses at the new book! God Bless You!

            • I’ll send you the pdf version of the book since your email is in here. I also give glory to God on your timing. 😀 I often ask God to direct my writing, and it’s nice He sends encouragement along the way.

      • irishmary24 says:

        ohh… we’ll be from the 8th til the22nd in Ireland. It’s not like the U.S.A. The money is Euros- when were were there last time, it was Punt instead of dollars. The signage is in English and Gaelic. They speak English and like Americans, so it’s unlike every other foreign country I’ve visited– even Canada! (Oh, they’re very nice people, except at the airport! They act as though they’d kill you, if they had any reason– it’s bad!) They’re friendly in England, but they can also be snide. My fave place is Ireland! I’ve met my husbands relatives there, but have never met my own, and it’s not likely I’ll meet them this trip, either…

  5. dorothypaula says:

    Just ordered a copy of “Her Counterfeit Husband from Amazon for my Kindle. 🙂

    I have finished the first draft of Lilac in the Spring, and am now proofing and fleshing out where necessary (second draft). I’m Looking forward to reading your Regency books and Citali’s story. It’s been hectic here and I’m behind in my reading between the holiday, babysitting the grandchildren, my grandson’s third birthday and my granddaughter’s sixth birthday, and my son’s anniversary. My younger son visited two weeks ago. When we lived on Long Island, I saw him at least twice a month. Now (although we talk regularly on the phone) I had not seen him since May. He was supposed to arrive in Massachusetts in the afternoon. But he came in the morning and just stood by the glass pane on the door for a moment wanting to surprise me. I was in the middle of washing dishes. Then he knocked, I saw him and I let out a squeal and opened the door and grabbed him and I began to cry like a baby. I held on to him for almost ten minutes and he was so kind and held me without complaining. He’s always been the sensitive one.

    Let me know when Citali’s story is ready. I’m anxious to read that one first. All the best and Congratulations on the success of your Regency Series. ::-)

    • Wow! You have been busy! But you’ve been busy with fun and family, so it’s the best kind of busy there is.

      That’s so sweet about your son surprising you like that! Those are the kind of surprises that no one minds having. I love how he waited for you and tapped on the door to get your attention. 😀

      What paperbacks don’t you have yet that I’ve written?

      How is the second draft coming?

    • I just wanted to tell you that Sunset in Paradise was so beautiful. I was crying at the end. You really brought the saving the power of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection to life, and I’ve always loved the part where the thief at the cross is told he’d be in paradise with Him that same day. Thanks for writing the story. I look forward to seeing you in person when we pass on to the next life. 😀

  6. irishmary24 says:

    I’ve re-read my Ireland description and must hasten to clarify, that it is the Canadian airport, specifically, the Toronto airport, that is such an evil place!!! The Dublin and Shannon airports are both very Nice!!! Canada,No! The people are mostly great, when you’re actually in Toronto, etc, but the airport through customs is horrible.

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