Runaway Bride (Sequel to Suddenly a Bride) and the Book I Had Planned After That


(I plan to update the cover to the one you see above when I publish Runaway Bride.)

After looking at the results of my poll, I’ve decided to write the sequel to Suddenly a Bride.  Now, there’s no promises on when it’ll be finished.  I can’t predict when inspiration will strike.  I can only write books as the urge to write them comes to me.

That being said, I will add it to my “To Write” list.

I’m calling this series “Across the Stars” because there’s either a sci-fi or fantasy type of theme to them, but in each case, the sci-fi and fantasy will be lightly placed in the books.  The focus on the books is the romance between the main characters, which is where I want the focus to be. 😀

I have already made the cover.  I wanted something that compliments the cover to Suddenly a Bride so people know it’s in a series.


I do plan to do a third book, which is going to be Sandy’s romance (Sandy was Caitlyn’s best friend).  I was going to title it The Write Husband, but since I gave that title to a Regency I’m working on, I decided to make the title His Abducted Bride.

You see, the storyline isn’t about Sandy marrying a man who came from Pandoran where Chris and Mark came from.  Her hero comes from a book she’s writing.  She’s working on a fantasy and is nearing the end of the book where she (the queen of one kingdom) is at the final battle of the villain (the evil king who is trying to take over her kingdom).  Well, to make a long story short, before she can finish the book and kill him off, he pulls her into the book and sets out to rewrite her book his way.   So it’ll be a fun battle of wills as the author of the book gets to argue firsthand with her character.

Anyway, while I was sorting through pictures to make the cover, I decided the best background wasn’t the earth like with Suddenly a Bride or the moon and stars like Runaway Bride since the story takes place in the fantasy world in a castle.  So I decided to go with that background instead.  Then I found a picture of a man dressed up as a warrior holding a sword and thought he fit better than just using a picture of a man’s face like I did with the other two books.  So the format is a little different, but I think it still works as connecting the book to the trilogy.


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4 Responses to Runaway Bride (Sequel to Suddenly a Bride) and the Book I Had Planned After That

  1. Now these sound like my kind of books! LOL. I definitely want to read this series. And my mom will be so glad to know you’re continuing the series since she loved the first book.

    • Cool! The more I think about it, the more I think I need a break from historical westerns for a while. I enjoy them, but sometimes doing something different breaks me out of my rut. I’ve been having trouble knowing what to do about the heroine in Wagon Trail Bride, and after taking a break from it and doing these books, I think I’ll come back with some better ideas than what I have now.

  2. kk0203 says:

    Another book; In your first book, you mention women on another planet as an option. I wish you would put the jerk ex-brother-in-law, Sandy’s other brother, with one of those women and see how you can “redeem” him to a suitable husband.

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