Inspiration for the Book: Return of the Aliens

Return of the Aliens is not a romance novel, though it has a romantic subplot between the two main characters, Autumn Daniels and Devon Patrick.  The story revolves around Autumn’s quest to find her sister who was one of millions of people who vanished in one moment.  This rabbit trail leads her into an awareness of the spiritual world where a war is going on around us–a world that’s invisible to us but coincides with our dimension.  It’s a theoretical look at Bible prophecy from the book of Revelation and how it might align with different conspiracy theories.  I label it a Christian Sci-Fi Thriller.

But what inspired the book?  How did the journey begin?

It all started back in October 2009 when I was browsing through You Tube videos and saw a conspiracy theory that claimed that US President Obama was going to announce the presence of aliens in November 2009.  I remember thinking, “Did I just step into the Twilight Zone?”  We all know this “official discloser” didn’t happen.  But from there, I looked up other You Tube videos and these branched out into other conspiracy theories.

At the same time, a friend was looking into the possibility of starting a publishing business specializing in science fiction and fantasy, and she was thinking of accepting submissions but wanted something short.  For fun, I decided to take the idea of the You Tube video about alien disclosure and make a 15,000 word story off of it to submit to her.  This was “The Vanishing” and in it, I gave the identity of the aliens, which was supposed to be the whole point.  The aliens were really demons, not beings from another planet.  That was all the story was supposed to be.  I finished it in a couple weeks.  It was just under 15,000 words, and 15,000 words is easy to do in two or three weeks.

Anyway, in that time, my friend decided not to pursue a publishing business, and I wondered if I should publish “The Vanishing” or let it sit in my hard drive.  I decided to publish it.  It was supposed to be it, but then I listened to podcasts (PID Radio and Coast to Coast, esp with shows featuring LA Marzulli, Tom Horn of Raiders News Network, Patrick Heron, Steve Quayle) and watched more You Tube videos (Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, Prophecy in the News with Tom Horn and LA Marzulli).  Well, one thing led to another and I got more ideas which inspired the rest of the book.    The total time of research that went into the book was 15 months.

I never expected it to end up as long as it turned out to be, but I knew that if I didn’t see the whole story through, I wouldn’t feel complete.  What was supposed to be 15,000 words turned out to be a little over 100,000 words.  Even writing as much as I did, there was more stuff I could have included but didn’t because as a reader, I am reluctant to read even 100,000 words.  LOL  So I decided to keep it around the 100,000 word mark, and I feel it’s complete as is.

As for an epilogue, there really isn’t one.  Devon and Autumn have many children, and Autumn and her sister finally get to be reconnected.  😀

So that is an overview for the reason I wrote Return of the Aliens.

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to
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4 Responses to Inspiration for the Book: Return of the Aliens

  1. I wondered what made you write something this different from your other work. LOL. I loved the book.

  2. dorothypaula says:

    Now I know why I enjoyed this series so much. It had a theme that I have always found intriguing. I’m a frequent watcher of Nova and other “out of this world or beyond the normal” documentaries. These topics fascinate me. Revelations fascinates me. I truly believe there is more than what the Realists claim. Your inspirations for this book put me in the mind to reread or listen to all three books on my Kindle again.

    Thank you for that brief epilogue comment about Devon and Autumn. Gives it some of the happy ending I like in books. Thanks. And Lotsa hugs.

    To all your fans: If anyone missed this series, I highly recommend it. It gives you a lot to think about. The series is intriguing and entertaining, and a page turner. In my opinion, it’s among Ruth’s many best. 🙂

    • The topics fascinate me, too. In fact, I now do more reading in this area than anything else. 😀

      Yep, Devon and Autumn go on to live a very happy life. I really don’t know what else to add to their story. I figure he ensured no one ever hurt anyone else in his governmental position. I figure after what he went through, his job was to make sure nothing like that happened to anyone else (and he had to go through what he did to get the desire to protect other people). Autumn stayed at home and raised their children. I’m not sure how many they had, though.

      This is one of my favorite books of all that I’ve done. And thanks. 😀

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