Things Not Accurate at Barnes and Noble (at the moment)

Please note: I will only email the people who subscribed to be notified when a new release is out after the new book is live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AND Smashwords.  It has to be on those three sites before I email you (if you signed up to be on the list).  I don’t like it when authors email over and over with a different link to each site.  So I’m keeping it to one email.  

That all being said, if you notice a new release is somewhere else and wonder why I haven’t emailed you (if you’re on my list), that is why.

And this brings me to today’s post.

I checked Barnes and Noble this morning to see if A Most Unsuitable Earl is up there yet. (It’s not.)  In fact, I noticed a couple of things are wrong on Barnes and Noble while I was there.  Suddenly a Bride and Loving Eliza are no longer free there, but they should be.  I have put them down as free over at Smashwords, and they are free everywhere else that I checked (Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Apple, Diesel).

I also noticed that The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife isn’t even at Barnes and Noble, and it was there two days ago when I checked.

So I have two books at the wrong price and one no longer there and one that has yet to show up.

I think this is a glitch in Barnes and Noble’s system because my books aren’t affected anywhere else, and I read a thread over at the Kindleboards where some other authors are having some issues over there as well.

All I can do on my end is email Smashwords (since those books are distributed through Smashwords) to alert them to the problem.  Since this is happening to other authors as well, I expect this problem will take time to get resolved.

This is the life of a self-published author.  😀  Little things pop up that need your attention, and you can’t guarantee that your book is going to up on a certain site at a certain time because glitches do happen.  But even with the hassles that pop up, I love publishing my own books because I love having full control over the story.  I love making my own covers, too.  I even enjoy the business side to the whole thing.  😀

Hopefully, everything with Barnes and Noble will be resolved soon.

When A Most Unsuitable Earl is live on Barnes and Noble, I’ll send out an email to everyone on my email list to let them know the links where they can buy it.

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8 Responses to Things Not Accurate at Barnes and Noble (at the moment)

  1. Rose Gordon says:

    You’re not the only one having trouble at B&N. I have a book that I’d taken off sale via PubIt and sent to B&N via SW so it could be free. However, yesterday, I had two paid sales on this book. Unfortunately, I cannot find the paid version in the store, nor can I take it off sale because it already was off sale. Very strange.

    On another note, congrats on getting out your new book!

    • I suspect it has something to do with removing the Earl book and putting it free on Smashwords and then getting it free on B&N that way. What I don’t understand is Suddenly a Bride and Loving Eliza losing their free status. Those were never on PubIt. Thanks for letting me know what’s on your end. Maybe they’re cutting down on free books. If that’s the case, I wish Smashwords would make an announcement.

      • Rose Gordon says:

        The book is still free, the smashwords version. But then on my reports it’s saying that I’ve sold X amount of Earl’s @ .99 via PubIt. But I’d taken that book “off sale” after it came up through SW and it still says it’s off sale on my Dashboard. But it’s reporting that it’s being sold. I’ve done several searches for the paid copy and cannot for the life of me find it listed in their store. Just very weird.

        Perhaps you should go pull your books from B&N on Smashwords’ channel page, then in a few hours after it updates saying a request will be sent, reenroll them. I’ve done this before and it normally helps get the price fixed how I want with no gap of not having the book there at all.

  2. Sometimes I think their sales reports are wrong, too. I just don’t think they have everything together over there. I publish directly through them, so I wonder if it’s a thing with the Smashwords books. Or maybe I should check mine….

    • I don’t know. I removed the books I had in PubIt and put them all up through Smashwords. It sounds like other authors are having problems, but I don’t know if they are only through Smashwords or not. I’ll check it out and see what I can find.

  3. This is why I prefer using PubIt! for my BN listings. I’ve never had trouble with them.

    • I have a reason for using Smashwords, but I’m not comfortable saying why online. I’ll tell you when I call you after Dec. 21. Dec. 21 is our official moving day. Until then, it’s craziness over here.

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