Cover Idea for Perry’s Book

After debating the plot for Perry’s (Lord Clement) book, I finally got it.  Inspiration came while I was driving through town.  It’s weird how I can be bouncing around ideas for months and suddenly find the right idea at the most unexpected time.  Anyway, I’m going to have a heroine (probably a widow) who purposely creates a scandal to marry Perry.  I still haven’t figured out why she creates the scandal, but there’s going to be a good reason for it.

So what I’m doing right now is trying to figure out a suitable cover to go with the book.  I made three mock ups tonight and would like your opinion on them.

Before I get to the covers, I want to quickly add I had a great “aha!” moment with Runaway Bride while I was at my critique group today.  I’m really excited with the direction the book is taking and want to feature one of the scene in this Sunday’s sample scene.  😀

Now for the possible covers:


scandalous wife cover idea 1


scandalous wife cover idea 2


scandalous wife cover idea 3

Any thoughts?

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28 Responses to Cover Idea for Perry’s Book

  1. lornafaith says:

    I love Book Cover #1…seems to suit the title:)…just my opinion! That’s great that you had an unexpected ‘aha moment’…I get those once in awhile too. Kindof wish they would happen more often though…

  2. Karen Miller says:

    I love the third cover. fits your tendency to have a bride of some sort on your covers.

  3. It is hard to decide because I like them all but I think I like #1 better.

  4. I love the red dress – I think it says scandal more than anything else; and the woman’s stance in that picture speaks more towards a ‘scandalous’, carefree or mother-may-care attitude. Personally, I like the first background; i think it works better with the dress, but only if it fits with the story.

    • I agree about the red dress. It sounds like most people like the background in #1 the best. I think #2 might be too busy. Honestly, I pick backgrounds based on how well they seem to go with the dresses the women wear. 😀

  5. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth,

    Bookcover No. 2 – the letters stand out better and are clearer. In No. 1 the image obscures parts of the title (if my browser is working correctly). The plot idea sounds intriguing. I like the red dress as it (for me, that is) relates better to the title. Also, the white letters are partially obscured by the white dress in Bookcover No. 3. 🙂

    • Covers 1 and 3 do need some tweaking. Cover 2 is probably more set as it is. That’s true about the color of the dress. Red suggests mischief a lot better than white. 😀

  6. cmrose2003 says:

    I prefer the first cover. The bottom cover is much too demure for the title.


  7. #2 isn’t showing up. 😦 1 it’s easier to read the text but I like the layout, etc of 3 better except that the text is hard to read )white on white) maybe a different text color on it? though that might not go with the rest of the series.

    • I’ve experimented with a couple of colors and white was the best one. Maybe I should try doing the shadow to see if it helps black stand out a little better. Do you think a different color might work better than black?

  8. I like 1 and 3. I love the red dress in #1, but the light pink on the breast area blends into the sky. A thin red line that’s slightly blurred will take care of that. I love #3, however the white lettering blends into the dress too much. If you put a thin black line/shadow around the letters and blur it a little it would make the words stand out and the blur would soften the black.

    • I appreciate the tips. I’m torn between #1 and #3. Do you know how to put lines around letters in GIMP. I figured out the shadow thing and will try it. I’ll also modify cover #1 and see what I can do there.

      • I’m not sure with GIMP. I know that in I usually copy the layer with the letters so I have a bottom layer and invert the color to black. Then I’ll blur it or unfocus it enough to make the words stand out, Like a shadow. Or I make 3 more copies of the black letters and move each layer either up, down, or to either side, to outline the letters.

    • Thanks for the ideas. I think I can do a shadow effect on the title on cover 3. I’m going to try using a different part of the background behind the woman in cover 1 to see if I can get a better view of her. I’ll try the line idea, too.

  9. I like #1. 🙂 I like the background in #1 better than #2, and she doesn’t look scandalous in #3.

    • It seems that #2 isn’t a good one, probably because the background is too busy. 😀 I’m stuck between #1 and #3. In the end, I think it’s going to be which one makes for the best thumbnail look.

  10. Rose Gordon says:

    I like #3 A LOT but I don’t like the color of the font. The dress, the pose and the font are all beautiful, but it’s very hard to read. I’d say to either make it a different color altogether or you could outline it so it stands out.

    • I agree on the color of the font. I’ve been tweaking around with GIMP to see what I can do about it. A shadow or outline on the title might help. I’ll keep experimenting with the color, too. There has to be a way to do it so it works.

  11. Patsy Ezell says:

    I love #3 it looks so elegant I have all of your book loaded on my nook and on my kindle so no matter which I am using I have your book always at hand and also my daughter loves to read them too so if I am reading on one she can read on the other makes us both happy

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