Story Sample Sunday: Shotgun Groom

story sample sunday

Tomorrow, I’m going to share the inspiration behind the wedding scene of Shotgun Groom because it actually stemmed from The Wrong Husband.  😀  I’ll explain how in tomorrow’s post.

shotgun groom

Realizing he was losing the argument, Joel decided to change tactics.  “Well, the bride’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to marry me.”

“I can’t blame her on that one,” Tom quipped.  “But even if she’s getting the bad end of the deal, she’s willing to make the sacrifice.”

Joel glared at Tom.  “Rick, will you please step outside for a moment?”

“Why?” Rick asked.

“Because I don’t need a judge to witness what I’m about to do to my brother,” Joel replied, not taking his eyes off of Tom who didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the threat.

Rick opened the book, and Joel realized the piece of paper he inserted into it was a marriage certificate which hadn’t been signed yet.  Rick tucked the paper between two other pages in the book and motioned for April to join them.  “We’ll get this ceremony started.”

Though April appeared hesitant, she joined them and clasped her hands in front of her, so Rick began performing the ceremony.

“I can’t believe this,” Joel muttered as Sep raised the rifle.

Exactly where did Sep think Joel was going to go?  He might be able to get away from Tom or Rick, but he wasn’t stupid enough to believe he could tackle both of them, especially since they were older than him.  Letting out a loud groan, he lifted his eyes to heaven and wondered what awful thing he did to deserve this fate.  Rick went on and on about something that had to do with this disaster, but Joel refused to pay attention.  Why would he care to listen to the words that sealed his doom?

Beside him, April said “I do” in a tone that indicated she’d rather not but had no choice.

Joel rolled his eyes.  That was just great.  His bride showed as much enthusiasm for this marriage as she did for the dust she wiped up when she cleaned.  Oh yes.  This marriage was going to be just the thing he needed to complete his life.  When it was his turn to say “I do,” Tom nudged him in the side and pointed to Rick.

Narrowing his eyes at Tom, he refused to speak the dreaded words.

“Come on, Joel,” Rick said in a gentle voice.  “It’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.”

“How would you know?” Joel snapped.

“Because I’ve been there.  Well, not with a gun and a judge like this, but I didn’t think I’d fall in love with your sister when we first met.  And look at us now.  I can’t imagine my life without Sally.  Sometimes love takes a while to develop.”

Joel shook his head, but Tom nudged him again.  “Say it, Joel.  Let’s complete this wonderful event.”

A gun clicked from across the room where Sep stood, and Joel made sure to groan before he muttered the words that sealed his future for the worst.  “I do.” He winced and blinked back tears.  He used to be a happy man, and now…

Rick let out an exasperated breath and asked, “I don’t suppose you’d like to kiss the bride?”

“No!” Both Joel and April shrieked at the same time.

“But that’s the best part,” Tom said.

Joel scowled at him, but Tom’s lips curled up into an amused smirk.  “You need a heart, Tom.”

Sep lowered the gun and relaxed.  “It’s done, right Judge Johnson?”

Rick nodded and placed the marriage certificate on the table.  “All I need are your signatures, but it’s a done deal.”

“Oh good!” Tom rubbed his hands together and hurried over to the table where Rick handed him the fountain pen that was tucked inside his suit jacket.  “I’ve been waiting for this day for years!  I can’t wait to tell everyone Joel’s a married man.”

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