Sunday Story Sample: A Sneak Peek at Nick (Anti-Hero in Runaway Bride)

Thankfully, I can keep the title as is for Runaway Bride.  Even if I can’t use it in the sense that she bolts on her wedding day to Nick, I can use it because she runs away to marry Mark.  What a relief.  I really liked that title.

Thanks for the great ideas for titles.  I’m bookmarking them for future books.  😀

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Okay.  Today I thought for the story sample, I’d give a look at Nick who starts out as Lexie’s fiancé.   This scene takes place while Lexie and Nick are at a restaurant.   (Keep in mind, it’s a first draft.)

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Biting her lower lip, Lexie glanced at the menu and then returned her gaze to him.  “Nick, why do you want to marry me?”

He chuckled and placed his glass back on the table.  “Because I love you, silly.”

“But why?”

“Why?  Because you’re you.”

“But what is it about me that you love?”

Shooting her a teasing grin, he said, “Everything.  I like the whole package.”

“Do you?”

“Of course, I do.”

“Then can you tell me something you like about me?”

“Lexie, what’s this about?” he asked.

Trying to determine the best way to answer, she set the menu down and folded her hands over her lap.  “It’s about us.  You and me.  What is it about us that makes sense?”

“There’s plenty that makes sense.  You’re gorgeous.  You’re graceful.  You’re elegant.  You’re everything I want in a wife.”

The server came over to them and asked for their order.

“I’ll have a Bahama Mama to drink.  To eat, I’ll have the crab cakes, lobster tail, and shrimp cocktail combo.  For dessert, I’ll have a slice of chocolate cake,” he replied.

“That sounds good.  I’ll have the same,” she added.

He cleared his throat.  “I think you meant everything except the chocolate cake, sweetheart.”

She lowered her voice and said, “It’s just one slice.”

“But is it wise to do that when you’re so close to the art exhibit and wedding?”

The server shifted from one foot to the other.  “I can come back.”

“No need,” Nick replied.  “One slice of cake will be enough.”

Lexie opened her mouth to protest but decided a piece of cake wasn’t worth a public argument, so she indicated her agreement with a nod and waited for the server to leave before speaking.  “There has to be something about me—about my personality—that you like.”

“Okay.  That’s fair.” He unfolded the cloth napkin and settled it on his lap.  “You’re compliant.  That’s a very important trait for a wife of a doctor.  With my job comes a lot of demands, and I need a wife who’s understanding of those demands.  You’re perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to spend the rest of my life with.”

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9 Responses to Sunday Story Sample: A Sneak Peek at Nick (Anti-Hero in Runaway Bride)

  1. Can I just choke him? It’s obvious she’s going to be better off with someone else. 🙂

  2. And I thought Lexi’s mom was icky! Nick gives a whole new perspective to the word.
    – Shelley

  3. Well, I can hardly wait to meet Nick! I’ve been waiting for Runaway Bride ever since Suddenly a Bride came out. My husband even offered to bribe you with Chocolate Marshmallow cookies when you where undecided about writing the story. He knew how badly I wanted you to continue the series. How many husbands would offer to send a little encouragement to their wife’s favorite author? If that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

    • 😀 Your husband’s a good man.

      I might end up giving Nick his own book, but if I do, I’ll put him in the Florida books (the first of which is Substitute Bride). I’d like to see Nick understand he can’t spend the rest of his life stuck in conceit. I don’t know who I’d pair him up with, though. I’ll have to wait and see if an interesting female character pops up.

  4. Ooooohhh! That sounds intriguing! I’d love to see him really have to work for her. Make him prove that the girl he wants is more important than himself, his job or his plans. I’ll be one of the first to buy it when you get him straightened out.

    • I think Nick’s wake up call came when Lexie ran off to be with Mark. I’m not sure what his angle will be. I have to write his story to find out. 😀

    • Hi Shelley,

      I just uploaded Runaway Bride and would like to gift you a copy from Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords. Let me know if you get this comment so we can work on the details on how I can gift you a copy. 😀

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