Update on the Giveaway (One Just Done and One that Will Be Up Next Week)

Regarding the last giveaway I just did for the Regency books, out of the ten people I emailed, two have not replied and I want to make sure they got my email.  

Krysteen Damon and Barkha Rani, please check your inbox or spam folder.  I sent you an email on Monday announcing that you won the ebook His Reluctant Lady (to be gifted when it is released).  I didn’t get an email back saying my email did not go through, so I know it went through alright.  Could you please get back to me?  I am making a list so I have all the winners in a file for easy reference for when the book comes out.  It’s easier for me if I can have the winners listed and ready to go because I have a ton of different files to keep track of and need to organize the lists I have as soon as possible so I don’t forget.  I’d like to say I have an awesome memory, but between kids, trying to answer emails, getting my books ready for publication, and writing more books, I have a hard time keeping everything straight without those lists.  🙂

Next Giveaway Will Be Announced on Tuesday

Jan and I worked on this during the week, and we have all the books and gifts together.  There will only be three winners on this one since there’s so much involved in them.  We have four authors being featured all together.  There’s me, Jan, Melanie Nilles, and Rose Gordon.  In addition to that, we bought some items from the Cracker Barrel restaurant and another from a local crafts fair from a woman who makes jewelry.  We wanted to do something a little different, and it’s more elaborate than what I usually do.

The details will be posted on Tuesday so be sure to stop here on that for more information.  🙂

I decided to offer Eye of the Beholder, His Redeeming Bride and Loving Eliza for my part.       The more books I get out there, the harder it is to make a decision on what to offer for a giveaway unless there’s a theme to go by.  Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.  I’ll keep the Native American Series and future Regencies in mind for future giveaways.  For this time around, I thought I’d stick with historical westerns.


That’s it for now.  I wanted to post an interview from the characters of The Stagecoach Bride, but I ended up much too busy and am behind on my edits so I just didn’t get around to it.  On a good note, Stephannie and I are currently on Chapter 17 so things are moving along great.  We’re hoping for an August release.  *fingers crossed*

About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to https://ruthannnordinsbooks.wordpress.com/.
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