Catching Up on Kent Ashton’s Backstory

As I’m getting organized (at long last), I figure it’s time to start posting the rest of Kent Ashton’s Backstory.  Before I dive into it, I thought I’d post the links to the previous posts I already made so everyone can get caught up.  The plan is to start posting the scenes starting next Sunday so I can resume my Sunday Story Sample posts.  😀

kent ashton

Here’s the list of previous posts for easy reference.  If this list is off, please let me know.  I had two kids buzzing around me while I was hunting the old posts down so I might have missed something.

post 1

post 2

post 3

post 4

post 5

post 6

post 7

post 8

post 9

post 10

post 11

post 12

post 13

post 14

post 15

post 16

post 17

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  1. I’m waiting until the book comes out. 🙂

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