Family Tree for the Anthology I’m Doing With Janet Syas Nitsick

In the future, I plan to marry one (or more) of the children from my novella in the Bride by Arrangement anthology to a character (or more) in the Nebraska Romance Collection. This post is going to be linked up to the anthology page so I can remember the kids’ names and when they were born.  This way I can better match the future couples up when it comes time to write their books.

Jimmy Kelly – Cheryl



                                                   |                                                    |

                                            Ron (1870)                      Nicole (November 1876)


Pete Kelly – Ada (Wilcox) Kelly



                                       |                                            |                                  |

                          Fred (February 1877)              Chester (1880)             Erma (1883)


Alex Boyer – Opal (Preston) Boyer


Pearl (September 1877)


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  1. If I did any kind of series with families, I would HAVE to do a family tree. I do well to remember my characters in one book. LOL

    • Same here. As soon as I finish a book, I tend to forget the crucial things (ages, how they looked, etc). The only way I can keep it straight is to write it all down and with my blog, I know exactly where to go. I have made some additional notes, but I tend to forget where I put them. LOL I’m not very organized unless I’m at the computer.

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