Updates on What I’m Doing

Working on the Paperback for A Royal Engagement

a royal engagement ebook cover

I caught some errors in the proof so will have to redo it.  Sometimes I get questions on when paperbacks will be out.  On this one, it’s looking like the end of October.

Meanwhile, the paperbacks for my other books are already available.

This Sunday is the release date for Just Good Friends

Just Good Friends new ebook

This one will be out soon.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another problem somewhere.  We’ll see how things play out.  I’ll let you know if there are any problems.

I already uploaded His Convenient Wife to Smashwords for the pre-order and have the paperback proof ready to look at.

His Convenient Wife ebook cover

I’m also going to have a release party for this book, but it won’t be until December 1.  Yes, this book comes out on November 16, but I wanted to do a Facebook Party with a couple of my author friends and had to work around everyone’s schedule.  We’re all going to offer one paperback (some might offer ebooks) and wrap them up along with a surprise gift that we’ll mail off to the winner.  I’ve already scheduled it.  I’m letting someone else handle the party details this time.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to focus on getting Love Lessons With the Duke ready.

But the authors I’ve invited to join me are personal friends who also write books featuring romance.  They are Dorothy Paula Freda, Janet Syas Nitsick, Lauralynn Elliott, Rose Gordon and Jael Friese.  I’ll give more details when it’s closer to December 1.

Unfortunately, I am behind in Love Lessons With the Duke.

Love Lessons with the Duke

But…the good news is that I really love this story.  The hero is extremely sweet and naive when it comes to “the ways of the world” (including the bedroom).  These are the type of heroes I tend to love the most.  I still like His Convenient Wife more, but this is another favorite.

I wanted this to be done and in the editing stage at this point, but as it turns out, I am only halfway into the first draft.  The release date on this one is January 3.  I wanted to have it uploaded to Smashwords on November 1.  At this rate, I’ll be uploading on December 1.  Hopefully, that will be enough time for the document to get to Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  *fingers crossed*

But I should have no trouble getting the proof for the paperback done in plenty of time for it to be available on January 3.

Most of my attention has been going to Love Lessons With the Duke, but I have started “The Shy Groom”, my novella in A Groom’s Promise (the second anthology Janet Syas Nitsick and I are doing).

a groom's promise

This is the sequel to Bride by Arrangement.   In my novella, I am writing a hero who stutters (haven’t done that one yet but have been wanting to for years).  Because he stutters, he’s usually the butt of other people’s jokes.  Well, he and his brother (whose story Janet is writing) go to Nebraska for a new start.  They agree to be farmhands for an old farmer in exchange for some land.  This old farmer (who was introduced in Bride by Arrangement) happens to have a daughter he’s eager to marry off so she has someone to take care of her after he dies.  So our reluctant hero will somehow find himself marrying this daughter.  I just haven’t figured out how yet.

Books in the first part of 2015

1.  I’m hoping A Groom’s Promise will be out in the early part of 2015, but we’ll see what happens.  

2.  Royal Hearts is already put on pre-order for March.

royal hearts ebook cover

All I have to do is rewrite it, so at least I already have the whole story fleshed out.  It’s the second book in the Enchanted Galaxy Series.

3.  Ruined by the Earl is going to be Book 3 in the Marriage by Deceit Series


I am thinking of working on this one when I finish Love Lessons With the Duke, in addition to working on my novella in A Groom’s Promise and Royal Hearts.  I’ve decided after Love Lessons With the Duke, I’ll go back to writing more than one book at a time since I’ll be able to write at a slower pace again.

I was originally going to make The Earl’s Stolen Bride the third book, but as I was writing Love Lessons With the Duke, I got an idea for another book that will come before it.  I’ll mention more of this one in the future.

4.  I hope to start Shane’s Deal and have it out at least by the summer of next year.

shane's deal ebook cover

This will complete the Montana Collection, so it’s high on my priority of books to do.

I still don’t know what to do with Wagon Trail Bride.

I'll have Stephannie Beman work on the cover to fit it in a series if a series does evolve from this book.

I’ll have Stephannie Beman work on the cover to fit it in a series if a series does evolve from this book.

 I’m thinking I probably should keep some of the beginning to it, but maybe what I should do is change Richard and Amanda’s relationship before they marry.  I currently have them as being good friends with him being in love with someone else.  That part is not going to work.  But they have to know each other somehow, and I need a compelling romantic plot.

 I think I put in the Nebraska Series that they had known each other for years and her parents died so they decided to go to Nebraska with his family.  I need to go back and check.  I’m sure Sally is the one who explained it to Mary in Eye of the Beholder, but until I make sure I’m right, I’m not going to plan anything out.  So I need to go back and see what I did.  From there, I’ll see if I can get something going.

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