9 Responses to Going to Finish Up the Enchanted Galaxy Series

  1. I wish I was a tenth as productive as you are.

  2. You have a lot of serious goals there, but I know you can do it. You’re so prolific!

  3. What are “open door” sex scenes?

    • I figure if “closed door” means the scene fades to black just as the couple is ready to have sex, then “open door” should mean the scene keeps going. So really, all it means is that I’m modifying the scenes in these books so that when the hero and heroine are doing it, I don’t close the door. In other words, I’m going to show it.

  4. To quote the above comment, I wish *I* was a tenth as productive as you, too!
    and on that topic, I have nominated you for a blogging award – http://yesterdayafter.com/2015/06/07/the-starlight-blogger-award/

    • Yes, but I’m not making covers or formatting for other authors. That makes a huge difference.

      Thanks! I see the link below. I’ll be checking it out. 🙂

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