I was going to do a post on Regan’s (heroine in His Wicked Lady) response to Malcolm’s resignation letter, but my mind isn’t in the zone to do that kind of post today.   I’m going to do a standard update post.  The good news is, I actually got some stuff done. 🙂 So I actually have something new to report.

A Groom’s Promise is now on pre-order at all the retailers!

a groom's promise

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This will be out December 20.  At the moment, I have an editor working on it, which is pretty intense work since the timelines in both full-length stories in this anthology need to match up.  I will be posting a couple of my favorite scenes in the weeks to come.  (My To-Post List is outrageously long.)

I’m finished with the first draft of Wagon Trail Bride 

(Pioneer Series: Book 1)


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I finished it yesterday afternoon. 😀

All is set to go for the January 3rd release date.  I’ve started bugging my editing about going over this, but it won’t be ready for them until Monday.  I have three more chapters to go over before it’s in second draft form.  (I usually edit a chapter a night while writing a book to help speed up my time to get things ready for my editing team.  I used to go through and edit an entire book in 1-2 days, but I don’t do that anymore.)

Anyway, I want to do a blog post where you guys can ask any of the Larsons (from any books) a question.

Richard and Amanda are featured in the book, but you can ask any of the Larsons a question.  The Larsons will be the one who answer these.  So far I only have one question, and I need more in order to make this post a good one.  I’m going to submit a form where you can send me your question if you’re too shy to comment under this blog post.  If you’d rather comment below, please do.

Tomorrow I start The Marriage Agreement

(Pioneer Series: Book 2)

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

I haven’t made a Book Launch page for this one yet.  (I haven’t had the time.)  I am starting it sooner than I expected, so it’s possible it’ll be punished before August (which is where I currently have it set at).  The heroine in this one befriends Amanda while they’re on the trail, and when they’re in Omaha, they remain friends.  This is a marriage of convenience story.

If you’re interested, it is on pre-order, but at the moment, it’s only on iBooks and Smashwords.

I’m at Chapter Fifteen in His Wicked Lady

(Marriage by Arrangement: Book 1)

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And, as you’d guess, in chapter 15, Logan is doing something to annoy Malcolm, but it’s for Malcolm’s ultimate good.  Malcolm just doesn’t know it yet.  (And I’m sure if Malcolm was here, he wouldn’t be agreeing with me.)  I will do that post where the characters respond to Malcolm’s letter.  I promise.

I got a title for Book 3 in the Marriage by Arrangement Series.

Knowing the title of an upcoming book is always exciting to me.  Now I have to start looking for some pictures to send to my wonderful cover artist, Stephanie Beman.  The title is His Wallflower Bride.  (I don’t have a cover or description for it yet.  All I know is that it features two characters we’re introduced to in His Wicked Lady, and neither character is going to be at all happy to be matched together.)

As a side note: Book 2 in this series, Her Devilish Marquess, will feature Dr. Westward.  I should be starting that one next month.

I’m now at Chapter 8 in The Convenient Mail Order Bride

(Love at Chance Series: Book 1)

Click here to reserve your copy today!

Click here to reserve your copy today!

I was originally going to make the title of the series be Colorado Series, but I changed it.  So if you thought the series title used to be something else, you’re right.  This book is due out February 21, and I’d say this is right on track.  The dynamics in this one is pretty interesting.  I’m not sure if the characters like each other or not.  LOL  Eventually, though, we know they’ll fall in love.  It’ll be interesting to see what the turning point is that makes this happen.

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  1. All these books are going to be so much fun to read. 🙂

  2. dorothypaula says:

    Dear Ruth, First apologies for my absence in some of the likes and comments. September was a not good month for me, health-wise. I have these months periodically and this past one was an awful one. I have managed to do some writing. Working on a new novella and beginning to read submissions for my small press on line. Remember that I am always hoping you will send me a short story or poem to showcase, sometime when you need a break or are facing a day with writer’s block. Even something old, perhaps, you wrote in high school or college (fantasy, sci/fi, romance) that has hope at its core. As always, your books continue to amaze me. All the best, your loyal fan and fellow writer, Dorothy Paula ❤ 🙂

    • Hi Dorothy!

      I was thinking of you the other day. You must have read my mind. 😀 I’ve been wondering how you’re doing.What’s the new novella about?

      What is my word count on this thing? I have a couple of old things I wrote, but I don’t know if the word count is too much. My problem is that I tend to keep writing. It’s why I end up doing so few novellas and only a couple very short stories.

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