Updates on What I’m Working On

Yesterday, I finished the first draft!

The Convenient Mail Order Bride3

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 What a relief.  I was sweating bullets over the last two weeks over this one.  I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but at the last minute, the characters pulled through.  All is set for its release on February 21.

This particular book has one of my favorite endings.  It was one of the bittersweet ones.  The hero and heroine get their happy ending, but the hero was unable to get some land that had once belonged to his uncle.  So it was mixed.  But this issue with the land will be coming back into play in book 4 when we get the villain’s story.  The villain in this book wasn’t really a “bad guy”.  The hero sees him that way, but as they say, there are two sides to every story, and I hinted at the villain’s side in this book.

So we’ll be getting to the villain in the future.  In the meantime, I have books 2 and 3 to write.  I do believe the hero and villain will finally make amends in book 4, but we will see.  Characters can be unpredictable.


Now, I’m free to work on my next three works in progress….

Her Devilish Marquess (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 2)

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Click here to reserve your copy today!

This one will be out May 8.  It’ll feature the good natured but mischievous doctor from The Earl’s Stolen Bride (Marriage by Deceit: Book 4).  He was Dr. Westward, and he ended up taking care of Chloe’s (Lady Reddington’s) brother and then delivering her child.

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love: Book 2)

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Click here to reserve your copy!

This one is due out June 5.  This book picks right up where The Convenient Mail Order Bride leaves off.  Someone mentioned loving the heroine who is more on the plain side but very sweet (similar to Mary Larson in Eye of the Beholder).  In this case, the hero isn’t like Dave who picked her out.  In this case, he is disappointed because he had been hoping for someone more attractive and a lot less clumsy.  (I decided to make her the type who isn’t graceful.)  Don’t worry.  He is a good guy, and he will come around to finding beauty in her.

The Marriage Agreement (Pioneer Series: Book 2)

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Click here to reserve your copy today!

This one is due out August 7.  This book follows Wagon Trail Bride, and since the heroine is Amanda Larson’s friend, I’ll get to bring in a Larson or two back.  I’ll see if I can somehow bring in the whole family.  You’ll meet the heroine (Laura) and the hero (Jesse) in Wagon Trail Bride when it comes out on January 3.


I know the books above seem like they’re a long ways off from coming out, but believe me, the time will pass fast.

In the meantime, I have turned in A Groom’s Promise (due out December 20) and Wagon Trail Bride (due out January 3) to my publisher.  I am fully done with His Wicked Lady (due out January 9) and have uploaded that everywhere but Amazon.  (I haven’t gotten that far yet.)  The Convenient Mail Order Bride (due out February 21) is now in edits.

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