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The Convenient Mail Order Bride is due out on the 13

The Convenient Mail Order Bride3

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I have to leave town this weekend, so I might not get the email out to those of you on my email list (via MailChimp) until late Sunday.  The email will contain a deleted scene and an epilogue for this book.  I will do everything I can to get the email out on Saturday.  It all depends if I can get online.

In the meantime, if you pre-ordered the book, it should show up on your device automatically.  I’ve been testing these pre-orders out on my iPhone and my Kindle, and they show up like clockwork as soon as the release day comes.  Let’s hope that continues.  (The mother in me always worries something will somehow go wrong, and I don’t know how I can turn that “mother” part of me off.)

I do have it on pre-order at Amazon now.  It’s already been on iBooks, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords.  You can click on the cover above or here for the links.

This will still be coming out next month


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There’s not much to add to this one.  I’ll be getting it up on Amazon for pre-order soon.  I will aim for a mid-March release, which puts me a couple weeks earlier than planned.

I’m at Chapter 15 now in this one

Her Devilish Marquess ebook

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The surprising thing about this book is how the subplot that I started in His Wicked Lady is playing through this one.  I didn’t expect that. I also didn’t expect Lord Steinbeck (Malcolm’s friend, Warren, in His Wicked Lady) would be so difficult.  I think he’s one of the most unlikable characters I’ve ever done, and he’s supposed to be the hero in Book 3 (The Earl’s Wallflower Bride) of this series.

 I have my work cut out for me with Warren.  But, on the plus side, when the heroine (Lady Iris, whom I introduced in His Wicked Lady) is matched up with him, it’ll make perfect sense why she is going to really hate him.  At least I won’t have to come up with a suitable conflict.  🙂

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

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I’m really enjoying this one.  I found myself tearing up when I was writing a couple of these scenes.  The heroine (Caroline) in this one fascinates me because her background is so rich in depth, and I sense she’s had to grow up fast in a short amount of time.  She’s just come out of the Civil War, and she lost her parents and the plantation she grew up on.  So there’s a lot to work with and explore.

When you read The Convenient Mail Order Bride, you’ll be introduced to the hero in this book.  The hero is Eric, and he’s the sheriff who has a small part in bringing Phoebe and Abe (heroine and hero in The Convenient Mail Order Bride) together.  He comes in later in a more prominent way in that book, but it’d ruin the story to explain how.

What I will say is that Eric’s character is pretty easy to figure out.  What isn’t set is Caroline’s, and the more complex the character, the more fun I have.


I’ll end this post here.

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  1. You are one busy lady! And love your covers, especially the ones for the Chance at Love series. 🙂

  2. “At least I won’t have to come up with a suitable conflict. :)” – hahahahahahahaahaha!

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