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Bonus Material from the Nebraska Series is Now Available


Here’s the link if you want to get your copy

These feature blog posts with the Larson family (especially Dave, Joel, and Tom) that I wrote back in 2011-2012.  Remember that time when Dave Larson tried to rewrite the ending to Isaac’s Decision?  Remember when Dave, Tom, Joel, Rick, Owen, and Neil competed for the slot of “Best Nebraska Hero”?  Remember when Dave was “kidnapped”, and I ended up suing him for pain and suffering?  All of that is in this book.  Those were all good times.

It’s only $0.99.  I included some of the pictures.  I couldn’t include all of the pictures due to restrictions on how much Smashwords and Amazon would allow when I uploaded the file.  I think 15MB was the cap.  I started out with 30MB, so I had to trim back a lot.  But I was able to put in the best pictures, like Joel Larson in swimming trunks. 😉

I finished the first draft of Her Devilish Marquess

(Book 2 in the Marriage by Arrangement Series)

Her Devilish Marquess ebook

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This means I can push up the release date.  Originally, it was going to let it go to May 8, but since I was able to finish it early (which I hadn’t expected last month), I can move the date up.  At the moment, I’m working through initial edits.  I don’t know when the new release date is yet.  It depends on when I get the book back from my editing team.

The hero of this book:

This book didn’t go the way I expected it to at all, which is why I’ll never be a plotter.  But things worked out, and I’m happy with the way it went.  The hero (Dr. Westward from The Earl’s Stolen Bride) turned out to be a total sweetheart who had a hard time keeping his mouth shut around prominent members of the Ton.  I notice Lady Cadwalader has been pretty much the most influential member of the Ton in all of my Regency books, and in this book, Dr. Westward (aka the Marquess of Dodsworth) tells her exactly what he thinks of her.  To be honest, it was one of the funniest scenes I’ve done in a long time.  So while the hero is really a lovable guy, he has a way of blurting things out that shock a lot of people.

The ongoing conflict at White’s:

One thing that wasn’t prepared for was the ongoing subplot that seems to be continuing through the entire Marriage by Arrangement Series.  In Book 1 (His Wicked Lady) we start off with the conflict at White’s between the gentlemen who want it to be free of wagers, gambling, and scandalous propaganda VS. the gentlemen who don’t.  So it all started with the vote for the infamous book on how to pleasure a lady (which has been an ongoing thing in all of the Regencies series) and continues on in Her Devilish Marquess with gentlemen starting to divide up into the two groups I mentioned above.  Malcolm Jasper (hero in His Wicked Lady) and Lord Toplyn (aka. Logan, hero in Ruined by the Earl) play a suitable role in this conflict.  Lord Edon (aka Ethan, hero in A Most Unsuitable Earl) and Mr. Robinson (aka Christopher, hero in His Reluctant Lady) also appear quite a bit.

All Regencies I write connect with each other:

One thing in particular I really enjoy about the Regencies is that the series are interconnected.  Since all of the books take place in the same world, it’s really an ongoing overall development.  Depending on which characters will add to the plot is how I pick who  to bring back.  I’ve grown attached to all of my characters, so if I can bring them in again, it’s like spending time with an old friend.

I’m 1/3 of the way into The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

(Book 2 in the Chance at Love Series)

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

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June 5 is the anticipated release date.  I don’t think I can bump this one up because it’s already March.

I’m at chapter 7, and the plot is going along smoothly so far.  I’ve already brought in the hero for Book 3 (The Accidental Mail Order Bride), and soon I’ll be bringing in Abe and Phoebe from Book 1 (The Convenient Mail Order Bride).  I don’t know how much Carl hero for Book 4 (The Bargain Mail Order Bride) will be in this book, but I do have to kill off his current wife to make way for Book 4.  So I guess we will see Carl.

I got the idea for Carl when someone on Facebook told me she’d love to see another redeemed character, similar to Neil Craftsman. 😀  I’m looking forward to working with him.  I already know the end to Carl’s story, although I’m not sure how Books 2 and 3 in this series will end.  However, “how” I’ll get the end of Carl’s story is the mystery.

I love writing without knowing how things will play out ahead of time.  The unexpected twists and turns is what makes writing so much fun.

There’s still a ways to go in The Marriage Agreement

(Book 2 in the Pioneer Series)

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

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I’ve been hovering at the 10K word mark, which means I’m not anywhere near finishing this one.  Since this one is going with my awesome publisher, Parchment & Plume, I’m keeping the August 7th release date.  That one is fixed for this book.

I started The Earl’s Wallflower Bride

(Book 3 in the Marriage by Arrangement Series)

This one is very brand new in what I’m writing.  I don’t even have a cover for it yet.  I currently have the release date set at January 15.  I don’t expect it to take that long to publish, but I like to give myself a lot of wiggle room so I don’t have to push pre-order dates back.

The heroine here is Lady Iris who was in His Wicked Lady.  She’s the one who was at the dinner party where Regan (heroine in His Wicked Lady) told her to dump Lord Steinbeck because he was ignoring her.  So Lady Iris did dump him.  But guess who she got matched up with in an arranged marriage?  Yep.  Lord Steinbeck.  It should be fun to watch how this plays out.

Anyway, I created a Book Launch page for it with a couple of pre-order links and also included some comments from both Lady Iris and Lord Steinbeck.

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