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Her Devilish Marquess (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 2)  is with my awesome editing team!

Her Devilish Marquess ebook

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I’m aiming for an April 16 release date, which puts me three weeks ahead of schedule.  So that’s very cool.  In many ways, this book acts as a bridge between Book 1 (His Wicked Lady) and Book 3 (The Earl’s Wallflower Bride), especially with the events happening at White’s.  I know these are romances, but I probably enjoy all the scenes at White’s the most because that is where the funnest interplay between the heroes occur.  Best of all, the ongoing theme with White’s can span across multiple series in the Regency world, which means I get to revisit old characters.

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride (Chance at Love Series: Book 2) is halfway done, and it has taken a turn I hadn’t expected.

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

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Originally, I expected Abe Thomas (hero in Book 1, The Convenient Mail Order Bride) to be the key person in revealing what happened in Caleb’s past.  Caleb in the seven-year-old African American boy the heroine finds abandoned on the streets on her way to meet the hero, Eric Johnson (the sheriff).  The reason I picked Abe was because his parents weren’t married and he’s not 100% white.  I thought he and Caleb would be a good fit in that Abe would help Caleb talk and heal from the events in his past.  I know what happened to Caleb, but I don’t want to throw out any spoilers in this book.

As it turns out, I don’t think I’ll be able to answer the question of what happened to him in this book at all.  I think it’ll take Book 3 (The Accidental Mail Order Bride) to be able to do it.  The hero in Book 3 is a recluse and has scars on him from a childhood incidence of chickenpox (though for the sake of the time period, I call it varicella).  I’m starting to think Caleb opening up is actually going to work only if he helps someone else overcome their insecurities.  In other words, in order to heal, he is going to have to heal someone first.

We will see if things play out the way I’m starting to think they will.

I still think June 5th will be the release date for this one.

I’m working on The Earl’s Wallflower Bride (Marriage by Arrangement: Book 3) to get it out this year.


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After finishing up with Her Devilish Marquess, I went right into the next book in this Regency series.  I want to write it while the series is fresh in my mind.  I’m at chapter 4 where the poor heroine realizes she can’t get out of her marriage to Lord Steinbeck (aka. Warren).  I’m starting to understand why Lord Steinbeck is the way he is in His Wicked Lady and Her Devilish Marquess, but I also realize he needs to lighten up–a lot.  It’ll be interesting to see how he gets there.

I’m hoping to have this out this summer, though I’m still putting January as the release month.  Until I have a firm date this summer, I’m keeping the January one in place.  There’s no sense in moving release dates around.

I’m now at chapter 7 in The Marriage Agreement (Pioneer Series: Book 2)

The Marriage Agreement ebook cover

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This one has been one of those books where I’m not exactly sure what happens from one scene to another.  The main characters, Jesse and Laura, are about to marry, and they’ve decided to do it at Ma and Pa Larson’s place.  It turns out there’s a lot resistance to them getting married.  I’m not sure what will happen after they do, beyond irritable Mrs. Shaw giving Laura trouble.  That’s why this book has been so slow to write.  It’s harder to figure out, but at least it’s faster than Wagon Trail Bride is.

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