Her Devilish Marquess is Available (and The Mistaken Mail Order Bride will be Soon)

Due to a power outage, I was unable to make this post last Sunday.   (Mondays through Saturdays are taken up with posts for the A-Z Blog Challenge for April.)

So today, I’m announcing that Her Devilish Marquess is now out!

Her Devilish Marquess ebook cover

If you read His Wicked Lady, you were introduced to Danette Everson (Regan’s best friend) who had rotten luck with past engagements.  One gentleman ran off to India, and another ran off with another lady.  So she’s reluctant to take a chance on a third engagement.  But Regan talks her into giving it another shot.

If you read The Earl’s Stolen Bride, you might recognize Dr. Westward, who took care of Lady Reddington’s (Chloe’s) brother and then delivered her child at the very end of the book.  He’s pretty much sure no respectable lady will be happy married to him since he has a tendency of telling people exactly what he thinks of them, which doesn’t go over well for those who have something to hide.

So I paired up the lady who’s terrified of scandals with a gentlemen inclined to upset to the Ton.

If you’re interested, here are the links where you can get it:



Barnes & Noble




Also, The Mistaken Mail Order Bride will be out earlier than expected!  The new release date is May 15.

The Mistaken Mail Order Bride

Thanks to my awesome editing team!  To Shelley, I tried emailing you, but I kept getting a “this email can’t be sent” message.  I’m not sure if you can get in touch with me or not about an email that’s good.

It’s available on pre-order at all retailers now, so I’ll post links here if you want to get it ahead of time.



Barnes & Noble



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5 Responses to Her Devilish Marquess is Available (and The Mistaken Mail Order Bride will be Soon)

  1. Susan Germain-Wachs says:

    I preordered your Mistaken Mail Order Bride

  2. chastagner@juno.com says:

    The address is correct. Try again. I had my computer crash on me! It took almost a week for my Dad to help my honey fix it. So I’m back up and running. So sorry! I should’ve contacted all of my authors to let them know what was happening. I’m here and available for what ever you need to send me. Hugs!Shelley

    • I’m glad you’re up and running okay. I know so little about fixing anything with computers. I have my husband handle that for me.

      I’ll send you an email tonight. 🙂

    • I just got another “failed to get there” message. You have the juno.com address, right? I wonder if it could be something yahoo’s end. Yahoo is what I use.

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