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The Viscount’s Runaway Bride is off to my editing team

(This is Book 1 in the Marriage by Bargain Series.)


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I finally finished up with my initial edits yesterday and emailed the editors and beta readers on my team.  I’m not sure when the new release date will be yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.  Right now we’re looking at either very late October to the first part of November.

Groom For Hire has been pushed back to February 12 for a release date

(This is Book 3 in the Pioneer Series.)

Groom for Hire

Long story short, when I started this book in July, my husband was like, “When are we going on a vacation?” I had been writing all summer long, so I thought he had a good point.  So I took most of August off to spend time with the family.

Then when school started back up, I got back to this story and realized if I wanted to get this out by December 18, I would have to make it a shorter story than I originally intended.  (And I’m pretty sure you guys would prefer the story to be longer than a novella.)

After much debate and talking to my publisher (because this one is going to be with Parchment & Plume), the date’s been pushed back to February 12.

The Bargain Mail Order Bride is still on track for January 7

(This is Book 4 in the Chance at Love Series.)

The_Bargain_Mail_Order_Bride_new version

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Another reason I pushed the date back on Groom For Hire is because I want to make sure I can get this book out on time.  There is no pre-order already set up for Groom For Hire, so no one has pre-ordered it.  The Bargain Mail Order Bride, however, is up on pre-order, and I want to make sure I get it out to the people who already pre-ordered it on time.

I’ll start The Rake’s Vow this week

(This is Book 2 in the Marriage by Bargain Series.)


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In addition to getting back to Groom For Hire and The Bargain Mail Order Bride, I am going to start on this book.  This book follows The Viscount’s Runaway Bride.

I’ll be uploading this book directly to Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, so the pre-order is only available at iBooks right now.


On a final note, I know some of you have sent me an email.  At the moment, I have about 100 emails waiting for me to answer.  Please be patient with me.  I will get to them as soon as I can.  I’m not ignoring anyone.  I took time off from emails for the last two weeks to finish up The Viscount’s Runaway Bride and then edit it.  I’ll be tackling my inbox this weekend.

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to other genres, but her first love is historical romance. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and a couple of children. To find out more about her books, go to
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4 Responses to More Updates

  1. Marcy says:

    Hi Ruth Ann,
    As always, I am waiting with ‘baited breath’ for your new releases, especially your Regencies ~ The Viscount’s Runaway Bride. I have been wondering if there will be any more about John and Eliza- maybe one of John’s brothers? That way we can catch up with Liza and John. Brian and Lucy – (or I guess Lucy’s brother could become a widower and move out to The Dakota territory) and we have Jane and Jeremy – suppose Jane’s brother could lose everything (including Susie thru his ‘investments’ and move to South Dakota to be near Jane and have help raising his kids and become a reformed man. Sorry Ruth Ann, Liza has been on my mind recently. I just enjoy and love everything you write !!!

    • Hi Marcy!

      I really enjoyed The Viscount’s Runaway Bride. The dynamics between the characters were wonderful. Not all of them were likable, but I thought they worked together for awesome conflict in the story. I do, however, have my work cut out for me in making the unlikable ladies (Celia and Loretta) likable in the upcoming books in this series. It’s a challenge, but I like to test the storytelling process by giving myself these kinds of challenges.

      Regarding the characters in the South Dakota Series, I have an idea for Brian and Lucy’s daughter when she becomes an adult, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. I haven’t given any thought beyond that particular character.

      Next year, I promised people I would work on Sep’s story (Sep was Joel Larson’s younger brother-in-law in Shotgun Groom). He’s about the same age as Amanda and Richard Larson’s twin boys, so I’ll add them. I haven’t given thought to any other historical westerns in the immediate future beyond that.

  2. Sometimes you really need to spend some quality time with your family. Hopefully, it recharged your batteries a bit. Although, lately, I think your batteries were going strong!

    • They’ve only been strong because of the Barnes & Noble trips. I treat it like a job where I have to go there four times a week, and I don’t leave until I make my word count goal (or I hit the 3-4 hour mark). It also helps that B&N has a cafe area where I can get soup or a sandwich and have some coffee or tea. 🙂 That treat is a great motivator, in addition to being surrounded by books.

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